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At Retro Europe we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality modern designer furniture.

Our in-house design team at Retro Europe work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure this high quality is maintained.

Retro Europe is very proud to have been recognised in a number of prestigious awards for our modern contemporary, modernism, industrial vintage and art-deco furniture collections.

Great Design Awards.

The Great Designs Awards was created by the Guild of Modern Designer Retro Furniture Makers as a way of acknowledging high-quality modern designer furniture, with particular recognition for the innovative modern design and the manufacturing production process.

Judges are enrolled from all over the world and the winners are chosen through a series of design evaluations.

The Great Design logo is a symbol of manufacturing quality and great design.

Retro Europe is very proud to have had such a diverse collection of furniture recognised by these prestigious awards.

The Great Design Award was given to the Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection from Retro Europe

International Modern Nordic & Scandinavian Scandi Designer Furniture Collections Challenge Awards.

The International Modern Nordic & Scandinavian Scandi Designer Furniture Collections Challenge Awards is a prestigious award celebrating quality Scandinavian Scandi Designer Furniture Collections from around the world.

Each entry undergoes an evaluation of their native Nordic and Scandi design aesthetics by a panel of specialist judges.

Retro Europe is very proud to have had their Spiers Collection, an exceptional Modern Nordic & Scandinavian Scandi Designer Furniture Collection, recognised by the International Modern Nordic & Scandinavian Scandi Designer Furniture Collections Challenge Awards.

The Spiers Collection from Retro Europe was awarded the ‘Gold Winner Award’ with a special note from the Judges who deemed the Scandi Modern Designer Spiers Collection from Retro Europe as ‘superb’.

The Modern Designer Furniture Own Label Awards.

The Modern Designer Furniture Own Label Award is the most prestigious award in Europe for exclusive ‘own brand’ modern designer furniture.

The criteria are that the furniture collections must be an exclusive design, created by an in-house design team from Modern Designer Furniture Suppliers.

Unlike other modern designer furniture industry awards The Own Label Award is judged by consumers.Therefore the results are an accurate indication of customer satisfaction polls.

From a shortlist of over 100 Own Label products, Retro Europe was awarded this prestigious award for their Le Bauhaus Collection of modernist armchairs, sofas, and corner sofas.

An additional special award was given to the Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa from Retro Europe

Made for Offices Award.

Made For Offices is a leading office furniture reviewer in Europe. With over 2000 reviews written by office furniture expert journalists.

The award is in recognition for modern designer office furniture that makes a difference to Home Offices and Commercial Offices.

The Made For Offices Awards showcase the very best in an office chair and desk/workstation products.

The Judges included the Made For Offices editorial team, modern office furniture industry experts, and Home Office workers.

Retro Europe was awarded a Silver Prize for their Eiffel Ergonomic Modern Designer Office Chair Collection.

Special note was for the affordable price, quality, comfort, and support.

International Modern Designer Armchair & Modern Designer Sofa Competition.

The International Armchair & Sofa Competition is the benchmark for quality modern designer furniture manufactures who construct modern furniture using the traditional methods of Furniture Craftsmanship.

Judged by industry experts, who evaluate the construction of the solid hardwood frame, and the use of multi-density cushioning that ensures every piece of furniture is comfortable and offers the correct support for the user and a lifetime-use durability ranking.

This year there were 31 nominees for this coveted award.

And The winner was the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe which was rated outstanding.

From Contemporary Modernism styles to Industrial Vintage styles, and out of the box whacky Art- Deco styles, modern designer furniture has something special for someone special like you.

Affordable prices at www.retroeurope.com.

Retro Europe is Europe’s leading online designer modern furniture store, and it is a great place to buy high-quality modern designer furniture at purse-friendly affordable prices at www.retroeurope.com.

Manufactured to the highest professional standards.

Modern designer furniture is a great way to add colour and style to your home. Each style of modern furniture from Retro Europe is meticulously designed by the in-house design team at Retro Europe and manufactured to the highest professional standards.

Award-winning Retro Europe modern designer furniture collections.

There’s something for everyone from the award-winning Retro Europe modern designer furniture collections whether you’re looking to furnish your home or commercial property. Every piece of furniture is carefully delivered with their famous 7-day delivery service making Retro Europe the perfect choice every time for modern designer furnishings.

Delivered throughout Europe in 7 days.

Retro Europe has a growing collection of designer furniture with sofa collections, dining room furniture, and ergonomic office chairs, all sold and delivered throughout Europe in 7 days.

Retro Europe was founded in 1975, and are approaching their 50th Anniversary in business.

Retro Europe was founded in 1975, and are approaching their 50th Anniversary in business, their simple business philosophy and the key to their success in the furniture industry is having great products and great service that keep clients buying on a regular basis.

From our research, we know the discerning buyers of Retro Europe for modern designer furniture want us to help them live a healthier physical and mental life.

And, as an online discounter of modern designer furniture, we play an important role here by ensuring our clients enjoy a better physical and mental health.

High-quality modern designer furniture is affordable and accessible to all at retroeurope.com.

We want to be more than just Europe’s leading online store for modern retro furniture.

As a focal point for millions of online buyers of quality, affordable, and superbly designed furniture across Europe, we believe we have a responsibility to encourage and enable our clients to enjoy good physical and mental health.

Making our designer furniture even better.

We are continually looking for ways to make our products even better and more affordable, and more durable for a lifetime of use.

And, our in-house design team work tirelessly to ensure our design styled furniture is the most pleasing aesthetically on the market.

Better furniture, better manufacture, better designs, ensure better physical and mental health for all lovers of modern designer contemporary, minimalism, Industrial, and Vintage Furniture.

New Government Guidelines on Affordable Modern Designer Furniture.

Retro Europe is very proud that progress has already been made on cutting the prices on our range of modern designer retro furniture.

And from 2010, we have introduced 13 new classic designed retro furniture models all available at affordable prices.

No agents or middlemen, clients can buy direct from Retro Europe, and these savings come straight off the prices of our high-quality furniture.

And, throughout the next decade, the in-house design team at Retro Europe will be introducing more exclusive designed furniture for our clients, to ensure their physical and mental health is the best it can be.

In 2017, we were one of the founder signatories to the Government’s Health Initiative and Retro Europe pledged their support to this cause by committing to run more discounts on quality designer furniture to ensure that furniture available from retroeurope.com is more affordable for everyone. This will mean continuing promotions on our own label Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design Retro Furniture.


Introducing the right modern designer furniture into your living space can have a big impact on how you feel throughout the day.

From Contemporary Modernist designer furniture to Industrial Vintage style designer furniture, great design always will make you feel better.

Le Bauhaus Modernist Furniture from Retro Europe has a Positive Effect.


A dazzling smile and a wonderful well-being feeling of good health, to keep you feeling your very best come free of charge with the Le Bauhaus Modern Designer Collection.

The smooth clean lines of this magnificent Industrial Vintage Designer Furniture ensures your living space looks and feels at its best.

The Le Bauhaus Collection of Armchairs, Sofas, and Corner Sofas.


The Le Bauhaus range has got everything for your home or business environment, with armchairs, sofas, and corner sofas all finished in genuine beautiful leather or Danish Cotton, so soft it will melt your heart.

Affordable prices for the Le Bauhaus Collection from Europe’s leading online modern designer online store at www.retroeurope.com

Customer reviews;


Love the Le Bauhaus Modern Designer Furniture, I love the minimalist design, it is strong and not fussy.


‎I have bought the exclusive designer Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe and thoroughly recommend Retro Europe for great service, great prices, and great designs.


Thank you Retro Europe I put Le Bauhaus on my ”must have shopping list” and now I am very happy to have my new Le Bauhaus Sofa.


I love modern Industrial Vintage Designer Furniture and the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is such a fresh design, it looks and feels so lovely and cool.


Very handy to be able to buy the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe on my mobile while travelling to work. Fantastic website and very interesting Blog, really entertaining and educational blog from Retro Europe.


These Bauhaus Sofas are so cool, I bought one for my living room and one for my bedroom, they look absolutely amazing.

feature 4

Retro Europe have Launched their ‘Own- Label’ Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection.

Reinvented, Affordable and a Great Design.

The Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection from Retro Europe is it a Modernist Design, or is it a Minimalism Design, or could it be an Industrial Vintage Design?

With All New Furniture Designs…..we all see different styles.

The Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is exclusively for sale from retroeurope.com and is their latest Own- Label designer furniture range.

Retro Europe are Europe’s leading Online Modern Furniture Store and are designers and manufactures of traditionally handcrafted furniture.

Le Corbusier was one of the greatest designers of modern designer furniture, and produced many iconic modernist designer pieces, and Le Bauhaus is clearly influenced by the design style of Le Corbusier.

Some find the concept of mixing designer styles exciting.

The buyers of the Le Bauhaus Armchairs, Sofas, and Corner Sofas have been quick to report their absolute delight with the Le Bauhaus.

Postings on Social Media sites and customer satisfaction sites consistently agree that this a product that combines functionality, quality, and outstanding design with an affordable price tag.

”Retro Europe have clearly ‘reinvented the wheel’ with their very clever design.” is being repeated by followers on Social Media sites.

In my mind, the design is a blend of modernist and industrial vintage.

Le Bauhaus by Retro Europe is traditionally handcrafted with a solid hardwood frame, covered in high-quality multi-density cushioning, covered with a choice of genuine leather or soft Danish Cotton.

The body is then enclosed in a steel framework with wrap under legs giving this model an Industrial Vintage feel.

Or, it could be a Classic Designer Minimal Style from the Florence Knoll School of Design?

Clean, cool, and a cube styling lends the Le Bauhaus to be included in the iconic early to mid-century minimalism period of design where total function meets total minimalism.

Whilst the steel frame gives it the industrial style of Le Corbusier, the minimalism is an influence from Florence Knoll.


Bonnie Cashin is a Designer of unique distinction.

Inspired by mid-century modernism she is responsible for bringing change and a sense of purpose to the fashion and furniture art world.


Bonnie Cashin is the Mother of American Sportswear.

A modern-day icon, defined as a modernist and an artist, Bonnie Cashin (ca. 1908-2000) became a critically acclaimed and commercially successful American fashion designer.

Her influence in the world of fashion and furniture art is significant.

Recognised for her superior intellect, she was very opinionated with an independent fashion style.

Bonnie Cashin is the Mother of American Sportswear and will be remembered as one of fashion’s most influential designers.

Creating ready-to-wear clothing.

She worked for numerous private design studios and designed for around 50 companies including Internationally famous Hermès and American Airlines.

Bonnie Cashin spent the late 1920s and 1930s designing dance costumes for showgirls.

In the 1940s she created film costumes for Twentieth Century-Fox.

By the Mid-Century, she was creating ready-to-wear clothing.


Fashion is aligned to modern designer furniture.

In 1951 Bonnie Cashin explained to an audience her fashions designs were aligned to modern furniture designs and modern architecture.

Special recognition went to modern designers; Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, Charles and Ray Eames and Le Corbusier.

All of these great visionaries have created a lasting dynasty in modern designer furniture.

Bonnie Cashin understood the unique sympathetic relationship between modern designer furniture, architecture and fashion.

Clothes are our first environment and our home is our second environment.

In the 1960,s Bonnie Cashin was showing her fashion in modern designer furniture settings.

A new and innovative style of fashion shows.

She created ‘Home Settings’ furnished with Mid-Century Contemporary and Modernist Furniture to show her latest fashion designs.

It was at the time considered to be slightly rebellious to move away from the normal style of fashions shows in hotel ballrooms.


Of her legacy she wrote, “This is my century…how nice, for one voice to ignite the imagination of others.”

feature recline

What makes the AERO5 reclining office chair very comfortable?

Reclining office chairs all have a problem.

Too much recline and you tip back

Too little recline and you are falling forward.

So where is the optimum point of recline?


How did The AERO5 Office Chair achieve the perfect optimum reclining position?

A collaboration of engineers and designers working between drawings and prototypes took the chair to the 95% optimum comfort level in the reclining position.

Tinkering took the chair the other 5%.

A project like this always involves a certain amount of pushing and pulling.

Retro Europe knows what it takes to develop something very special that pushes the boundaries a little bit further.

How do you know if the design and manufacture have produced the best reclining office chair?

Try the AERO5 Office Chair.

Recline back and you will know instantly that the AERO5 Office Chair has the optimum reclining position.

Perfectly balanced and stable at the full reclining position.

The AERO5 is a winner.

The designers of the AERO5 Office chair have created something very special.


The AERO5 Office Chair also addressed all the challenges of producing a chair that is needed to satisfy the multiple practical and emotional needs of every office worker.

The designers at Retro Europe discovered how difficult the problem was when they were asked to design a brand-new very comfortable reclining office chair.

Designing comfortable reclining office chairs involves engineers and designers.

The perfect office chair has to fulfil all the basic needs of an office worker;

Adjustable seat height controls.

360-degree swivel movement.

Comfort and the correct support.

Remain cool for the full 8-hour working day.

Universal wheels to glide across any surface.

The office chair must have a lock and reclining option.

The AERO5 Office Chair has fulfilled all these basic requirements of an office worker and so much more.

Retro Europe produced the AERO5 Office Chair that is visually and structurally different.

One of the biggies with office workers is the problem of sweat and body odour.

Not pleasant.

The AERO5 office Chair was designed with a full mesh back to ensure a cool and comfortable seat all day long.


AERO5 has an exciting, sharp and clean design. It is a marriage of design and engineering.

AERO5 Office Chairs fulfil all the working functions of office workers but how does it rank on an aesthetic scale?

It is evident that the designers at Retro Europe have given a great deal of time to create a piece of office chair art.

The results are self-evident.

The AERO5 Office Chair is beautiful to look at, beautiful to relax on, and beautiful to own.

And is available in several colours to brighten your working day.

Equally suitable for Home Offices or Commercial Offices.


Are you in the middle of re modernising your home but just cannot make a decision because there are so many options?


There is an overwhelming abundance of inspiration at Retro Europe.

Start at Retro Europe’s Blog.

Retro Europe’s blog promotes independent designers and furniture manufacturers in addition to their own in-house design team and their Own-Label Designer Furniture.

Interesting, witty, educational and money-saving stories.


So if you are ready to modernise your home or even your business living space take a look at these blogs;


Business Report on the plight of the High Street Stores


Interesting report on the new working trend of Home Office Employment


Modern Contemporary Scandi Designer Furniture, the latest ”in vogue furniture must-have” from Scandinavia.


Low priced quality modern ergonomic office chairs for comfort and support the whole day long.


Retro Europe supports the Elche Children’s Care Home Charity.


Retro Europe launches a fantastic new modern designer corner sofa in the classic Industrial Vintage Style.


Retro Europe voted the Most Inspiring Brand of the Year


Retro Europe and their collaboration with Marketing and Advertising experts Alicante Studios.


The History of Le Corbusier.


Online Defamation Laws and the financial ruin of posting inappropriate or dishonest statements on the internet.


The choice is between Retro Europe and Le Corbusier.


Never in The History of Le Corbusier has the LC2 been so expensive.


Retro Europe is the most creative and dynamic online retro furniture store.


The History of Le Corbusier and questions about prices, size and quality


The perfect Mothers Day Gift.


Buy high-quality designer furniture from Retro Europe and experience immediate mental health benefits


Retro Europe has joined forces with Alicante Digital Marketing Agency to grow the Company’s Brand.

Aero5 Office Chair, a better fit, for everyone.

Discover a Pioneering Ergonomic Designer Office Chair inspired by the finest modern design of our time; Herman Miller. Renown for combining an ergonomic design with perfect function and a chic sophisticated style.


Retro Europe’s in-house design team have developed the new Aero5 Ergonomic Office Chair.

Working with their manufacturing partners Retro Europe’s in-house design team have developed the new Aero5 Office Chair.

The Aero5 Office Chair is an ergonomically designed office chair for the Home Office Market or Commercial Office Market. Ergonomic Designer Office Chairs are ideal for comfort and support, with the chair fitting your body perfectly.

Stay cool and comfortable all day at an amazing low affordable price.

Quality materials ensure the Aero5 Office Chair is tough and durable and manufactured to give great comfort, better support, and to stay cool even after a busy 10-hour working day.

Stay cool and comfortable all day at an amazing low affordable price. Modern manufacturing technology makes certain that lower unit costs are achieved allowing you to buy an exceptional office chair at an incredibly attractive price.

Aero 5 wheel

Retro Europe’ no compromise design.

Retro Europe’ no compromise designer Aero5 Office Chairs have ample bigger proportions, with incorporated strength and stability in this great design.

The Aero5 modern technology gives the user the ideal sitting position for optimum support for the lower back and shoulders.

Smart choice for a commercial office, home office, or study.

The Aero5 Office Chair is the smart choice for a commercial office, or for your home office or study. They feature a 5-star base and universal wheels designed for use across all surfaces.

As standard, all Aero5 Office Chairs have an adjustable mechanism, for seat height adjustment, a reclining tilt or lock position, adjustable head restraint, and a 360 degrees swivel.

aero 5 side back

Customise the chair to your perfect comfort-setting.

Allowing all sizes and body shapes to customise the Aer05 office chair to their perfect comfort-setting.

The Aero5 office chairs are available in; Grey with a white shell and base.

Perfect combination of modern design, ergonomic comfort and support.

The Aero5 Office Chair is the perfect combination of modern design, ergonomic comfort and support, and a high-quality construction for a long working life.

aero 5 side


Took away Back Pain! The Aero5 Ergonomic Office Chair is Amazing!

This Aero5 modern designer office chair solved my problems!

Very comfortable office chair…no lower back aches.

The Aero5 Ergonomic Office Chair is good for posture.

The Aero5 office chair is the best chair yet for everyone.

Excellent Chair for All the Sizes and weights in our busy office.

I have bought the Aero5 Office Chair for my Home Office, it is comfortable and looks great.

I just Love My New Aero5 Ergonomic Office Chair from Retro Europe.

I really love my new modern designer Aero5 Office Chair!!! It’s so comfortable and I feel supported and I stay cool all day. Thank you, Retro Europe!


A New Home Office Chair from Retro Europe for every special Mum who works from her Home Office.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift is a new Eiffel ergonomic modern designer home office chair.

Forget flowers and chocolate, the flowers die after a week, and the chocolate stays on the hips.

The Best gift for Mother´s Day.

Comfort, Great Support, Beauty, and your Mother will stay cool. Even after a busy 8-hour day.

Let your mum enjoy comfort and support with an Eiffel Office Chair from Retro Europe, and these quality home office chairs will stay cool throughout an 8-hours working day.

Tests have proved that an ergonomic designer office chair boosts concentration and production by as much as 150%.

Mum’s can now be comfortable, free from a backache, stay cool all day, and be up to 150% more efficient and productive with an Eiffel Office Chair from Retro Europe.


On Mothering Sunday, your favourite Mum is also in for another special treat.

The beauty of an Eiffel Ergonomic Office Chair from Retro Europe. Yes, these modern designer Eiffel Chairs are so beautiful and brighten any home office they are guaranteed to make your Mum on Mother’s Day smile.

The Eiffel Home Office Chair has adjustable height controls, and the chair reclines and swivels 360 degrees, moves freely on all floors, and it is also so beautiful.

This modern designer home office ergonomic chair has an iconic classic modernist designer style and is available in 7 different super vibrant colours.

Eiffel Home Office Chairs from Retro Europe.

You can’t go wrong with the gift of an Eiffel Office Chair from Retro Europe, and just to make your life very simple, Retro Europe will deliver a new Home Office Chair immediately.

No delays, because Retro Europe has a huge stock of ergonomic home office chairs and delivery is immediate.

Your special Mothering Day gift is available to your Mum today.

And, if you are having trouble choosing a colour, I recommend Tiffany Blue……for one reason only, my Mum loves Tiffany Blue!!