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Retro Europe unveils an affordable Le Corbusier-esque styled modernist designer sofa at 999.00 euros, to rival the Le Corbusier LC2 version at 10,000 euros.

So can Retro Europe REALLY beat the design style, function, and quality of the Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa without breaking the bank?

999.00 euros from Retro Europe, and a massive 10,000 euros from Le Corbusier.

”Le Bauhaus Collection” from the Reinvented, Affordable, Great Designs Brand.

Budget online retailer Retro Europe has unveiled a selection of modernist industrial styled armchairs and sofas, under the ”Le Bauhaus Collection” from their Reinvented, Affordable, Great Designs Brand.

Retro Europe was recently branded the ‘fastest growing online modern designer retro furniture store in Europe”.

If you want real value for money, greater comfort, and high-quality full-size 21st Century modern furniture, and not the overpriced small uncomfortable furniture from Le Corbusier, then Retro Europe’s latest modern industrial furniture range is the answer for you.

From just 549.00 euros.

The budget online retailer has unveiled the Le Bauhaus range, a collection of modern industrial designer furniture in high-quality leather and Danish Cotton fabric finishes, from just 549.00 euros, with the Retro Europe 7-day delivery promise.

The Le Bauhaus retro furniture collection is the affordable alternative to the LC2 from Le Corbusier.

The high- quality modern designer furniture collection from Retro Europe is marketed as the affordable, better quality, and more functional version of Le Corbusier’s 10,000 euros LC2 furniture collection for the 21st Century discerning buyer and sales are booming.


Traditional furniture makers methods.

Retro Europe uses the traditional furniture makers method of furniture of construction, with a solid hardwood sprung frame for durability, and a generous covering of multi-density cushioning for the best support, covered in premium leather or fabric.

The Le Bauhaus construction is significantly better and more generously proportioned for the 21st Century buyer, as opposed to the very small dimensions of the 1928 designed LC2 constructed on a steel base.

LC2 is a 100-year-old design for a smaller generation.

We were all smaller 100 years ago when the Le Corbusier LC2 was designed and Le Bauhaus has been designed to bring comfort and support to this iconic style of furniture for the 21st Century discerning client wanting real comfort and support.

Le Bauhaus head to head comparison with Le Corbusier LC2.

So what’s so special about Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe, compared to the LC2 from Le Corbusier?

The 3 seater sofa;

The price is as good a starting point as any if you compare like for like.

999.00 euros from Retro Europe, and a massive 10,000 euros from Le Corbusier.

The Construction;

Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe has a solid hardwood frame with a sprung deck.

The Le Corbusier LC2 has a steel frame with loose cushions placed on elasticated straps.

The Dimensions;

Le Bauhaus 3 place sofa is a generously sized sofa at 228 cms for the 21st Century user.

The Le Corbusier LC2 3 place sofa is a cramped 180 cms designed in 1928 for the small 20th Century buyer.


Aficionados of modern, industrial, and vintage furniture should visit www.retroeurope.com and compare the difference, to see how Retro Europe is making great strides in the modern designer market with their Le Bauhaus Collection.


A New Home Office Chair from Retro Europe for every special Mum who works from her Home Office.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift is a new Eiffel ergonomic modern designer home office chair.

Forget flowers and chocolate, the flowers die after a week, and the chocolate stays on the hips.

The Best gift for Mother´s Day.

Comfort, Great Support, Beauty, and your Mother will stay cool. Even after a busy 8-hour day.

Let your mum enjoy comfort and support with an Eiffel Office Chair from Retro Europe, and these quality home office chairs will stay cool throughout an 8-hours working day.

Tests have proved that an ergonomic designer office chair boosts concentration and production by as much as 150%.

Mum’s can now be comfortable, free from a backache, stay cool all day, and be up to 150% more efficient and productive with an Eiffel Office Chair from Retro Europe.


On Mothering Sunday, your favourite Mum is also in for another special treat.

The beauty of an Eiffel Ergonomic Office Chair from Retro Europe. Yes, these modern designer Eiffel Chairs are so beautiful and brighten any home office they are guaranteed to make your Mum on Mother’s Day smile.

The Eiffel Home Office Chair has adjustable height controls, and the chair reclines and swivels 360 degrees, moves freely on all floors, and it is also so beautiful.

This modern designer home office ergonomic chair has an iconic classic modernist designer style and is available in 7 different super vibrant colours.

Eiffel Home Office Chairs from Retro Europe.

You can’t go wrong with the gift of an Eiffel Office Chair from Retro Europe, and just to make your life very simple, Retro Europe will deliver a new Home Office Chair immediately.

No delays, because Retro Europe has a huge stock of ergonomic home office chairs and delivery is immediate.

Your special Mothering Day gift is available to your Mum today.

And, if you are having trouble choosing a colour, I recommend Tiffany Blue……for one reason only, my Mum loves Tiffany Blue!!