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Retro Furniture is the most Popular Christmas Present.

The European troubled furniture industry received a much-needed boost over the Christmas period. Overall, consumers spent 3.5bn Euros during December, a 10 percent increase compared to December 2016.

According to Market Analysts which collated the data, furniture sales during the ”7 days Christmas to New Year” period was 65% higher this year compared to last year.

Modern Designer Furniture is the Winner.

As expected, sales of modern designer retro furniture designs secured the majority of the market, with an overall increase in sales from this sector of 20 percent during this period.

Retro Furniture sales year-on-year were up 22 percent.

Retro Europe; Record Sales.

Among the Big Four Modern Designer Retro Furniture Companies, Retro Europe was up 12 percent during the December period and year on year Retro Europe recorded a massive 28 percent increase in sales.

Online Modernist Designer Supplier Retro Europe were the big winners with their new Le Bauhaus Collection proving to be the most notable difference to their sales.

Le Bauhaus is the Success of 2017.

Retro Europe launched the Le Bauhaus Collection of Armchairs and Sofas in direct competition the Le Corbusier LC2 range of furniture.
Designed by the in-house team at Retro Europe, Le Bauhaus is marketed under the Retro Europe Label; Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design.

Here is a little 5-minute recipe guaranteed to refresh.

The Wonderful Le Bauhaus Sofa Cocktail Drink.

Method for one glass.

Preparation time: 4 mins


5 ml Sugar Syrup

1 Egg Yolk

40 ml Gin

10 ml Sherry

15 ml Fresh Lemon Juice

Soda Water

Everything except the soda goes into a cocktail shaker.

Next, fill with Ice.

Shake the Cocktail Shaker for a minute.

Strain the liquid into a glass.

Top up with Soda Water.

Sit back in your Le Bauhaus Modern Designer Sofa and enjoy your Le Bauhaus Sofa Cocktail Drink.

And think….aah!

Following complaints from buyers who struggle to fit on the Le Corbusier LC2 Sofas and Chairs.

Online Retailer Retro Europe has announced that it is making its modernist designer furniture bigger.

Retro Europe said the seat sizes will be exactly what our clients need and want.

The decision comes after years of complaints from buyers of the Le Corbusier LC2.

Retro Europe has launched the Le Bauhaus Modernist Furniture Collection.

Retro Europe made the Le Bauhaus 3 seat sofa a full 48 cms bigger than the equivalent Le Corbusier LC2 3-seat sofa.

Retro Europe revealed it made the Le Bauhaus bigger following years of complaints from customers who have struggled to be comfortable on the very small Le Corbusier LC2.

The online retailer Retro Europe has received widespread acclaim from buyers for the new Le Bauhaus Sofas and Chairs.

The Le Bauhaus modernist designer furniture is more comfortable with better support than the Le Corbusier LC2 and at a tenth of the price.

Now, Retro Europe the online modern designer furniture Goliath has announced it is launching a Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa bigger, more comfortable and cheaper than the Le Corbusier LC2 Corner Sofa.

Modernist Designer Furniture for the 21st Century.

A Retro Europe spokesperson said ‘For many years Le Corbusier LC2 and similar 100-year-old designer furniture have been receiving bad customer feedback because of their lack of size, poor quality manufacturing, and huge prices’.

‘Retro Europe are taking the steps to change the way discerning buyers can buy affordable modernist furniture that is Full-Size for the 21st-century market’.

‘In the past buyers of modernist designer furniture have been paying thousands of euros for furniture they have to squeeze themselves into.’

‘It is absolutely ridiculous, yes we are all bigger today compared to 100 years ago, but when you hear stories of people that have paid thousands of euros for the Le Corbusier LC2 and they can ‘barely breathe’ when sitting down then there has to be changes’.

Today, customers praised the news that Retro Europe has launched the Le Bauhaus Sofas and Chairs.

Reacting to the announcement discerning buyers of modern designer furniture are posting messages on Social Media Sites;

‘That’s great news. The number of times I’ve felt fat because I can’t fit into my Le Corbusier LC2 Armchair.’

‘The LC2 size is ridiculous.’

‘They are so tiny, I have ended up using a Le Corbusier LC2 2-seater sofa as an armchair’.

The Le Corbusier LC2 Sofas were all made for people 100 years ago when everyone was smaller and incredibly skinny with no bumps and curves.’

‘And their prices are ridiculous, why would anyone pay 10,000 Euros for a small Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa?’.

‘I’m surprised it has taken someone so long, well done Retro Europe’

‘It makes me wonder why Le Corbusier LC2 Sofas are so expensive.’

‘Surely the bigger Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe should be more money, but it is one-tenth of the Le Corbusier LC2 price’.

At Retro Europe we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality modern designer furniture.

Our in-house design team at Retro Europe work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure this high quality is maintained.

Retro Europe is very proud to have been recognised in a number of prestigious awards for our modern contemporary, modernism, industrial vintage and art-deco furniture collections.

Great Design Awards.

The Great Designs Awards was created by the Guild of Modern Designer Retro Furniture Makers as a way of acknowledging high-quality modern designer furniture, with particular recognition for the innovative modern design and the manufacturing production process.

Judges are enrolled from all over the world and the winners are chosen through a series of design evaluations.

The Great Design logo is a symbol of manufacturing quality and great design.

Retro Europe is very proud to have had such a diverse collection of furniture recognised by these prestigious awards.

The Great Design Award was given to the Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection from Retro Europe

International Modern Nordic & Scandinavian Scandi Designer Furniture Collections Challenge Awards.

The International Modern Nordic & Scandinavian Scandi Designer Furniture Collections Challenge Awards is a prestigious award celebrating quality Scandinavian Scandi Designer Furniture Collections from around the world.

Each entry undergoes an evaluation of their native Nordic and Scandi design aesthetics by a panel of specialist judges.

Retro Europe is very proud to have had their Spiers Collection, an exceptional Modern Nordic & Scandinavian Scandi Designer Furniture Collection, recognised by the International Modern Nordic & Scandinavian Scandi Designer Furniture Collections Challenge Awards.

The Spiers Collection from Retro Europe was awarded the ‘Gold Winner Award’ with a special note from the Judges who deemed the Scandi Modern Designer Spiers Collection from Retro Europe as ‘superb’.

The Modern Designer Furniture Own Label Awards.

The Modern Designer Furniture Own Label Award is the most prestigious award in Europe for exclusive ‘own brand’ modern designer furniture.

The criteria are that the furniture collections must be an exclusive design, created by an in-house design team from Modern Designer Furniture Suppliers.

Unlike other modern designer furniture industry awards The Own Label Award is judged by consumers.Therefore the results are an accurate indication of customer satisfaction polls.

From a shortlist of over 100 Own Label products, Retro Europe was awarded this prestigious award for their Le Bauhaus Collection of modernist armchairs, sofas, and corner sofas.

An additional special award was given to the Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa from Retro Europe

Made for Offices Award.

Made For Offices is a leading office furniture reviewer in Europe. With over 2000 reviews written by office furniture expert journalists.

The award is in recognition for modern designer office furniture that makes a difference to Home Offices and Commercial Offices.

The Made For Offices Awards showcase the very best in an office chair and desk/workstation products.

The Judges included the Made For Offices editorial team, modern office furniture industry experts, and Home Office workers.

Retro Europe was awarded a Silver Prize for their Eiffel Ergonomic Modern Designer Office Chair Collection.

Special note was for the affordable price, quality, comfort, and support.

International Modern Designer Armchair & Modern Designer Sofa Competition.

The International Armchair & Sofa Competition is the benchmark for quality modern designer furniture manufactures who construct modern furniture using the traditional methods of Furniture Craftsmanship.

Judged by industry experts, who evaluate the construction of the solid hardwood frame, and the use of multi-density cushioning that ensures every piece of furniture is comfortable and offers the correct support for the user and a lifetime-use durability ranking.

This year there were 31 nominees for this coveted award.

And The winner was the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe which was rated outstanding.

For years licensed retailers selling designer furniture originally created by the Masters of Furniture Design have been “getting away with murder”
by charging exorbitant amounts of money for modern designer furniture.

Fifteen years ago Retro Europe promised to bring down the cost of High-quality modern designer furniture.

”Original” Licensed Designer Furniture is some of the highest priced furniture in the world.

Despite the continuing slow down in demand for the old-fashioned, small. and uncomfortable designer furniture the licenced companies are still charging top-dollar for their furniture.

Retro Europe, Made.com, and other leading online modern designer furniture retailers decided to compete with the licenced holders of the original designer furniture.

Retro Europe, Made, and others have undertaken a programme to design their designer furniture

Retro Europe has set-up their own in-house design team to reinvent the classic designer furniture by Le Corbusier and Charles Eames.

The modern designer furniture friendly supplier Retro Europe is offering such iconic designer furniture styles from the Le Corbusier Design School at one-tenth of the price.

”The History of Le Corbusier” – The Final Chapter.

Retro Europe has reinvented the Le Corbusier LC2 Modernist Designer Furniture Collection with the Le Bauhaus from the Retro Europe Own Label Designer Label.

Le Bauhaus is styled in the classic Modernist Industrial design style of the Le Corbusier LC2, but bigger, cheaper, and with a high-quality build construction.

Le Bauhaus is one-tenth of the price of a Le Corbusier LC2.

Last year Retro Europe launched the Le Bauhaus Armchairs and Sofas to the modern designer furniture market.

Priced around one-tenth of the price of the Le Corbusier LC2, this has prompted Furniture Industry Analysts to acknowledge Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe has had a massive impact of the way we all buy modern designer furniture, and for Le Corbusier, it is the final chapter in ”The History of Le Corbusier”

Despite continuing rhetoric demand for Le Corbusier LC2 is dwindling.

Companies selling the original LC2 furniture from Le Corbusier have done absolutely nothing on this issue, and that has actually surprised everyone.

With their continued exorbitant pricing, the Le Corbusier LC2, the 3-place sofa is retailing at around 10,000 euros, compared to the bigger, better quality, and vastly more comfortable 3-place sofa Le Bauhaus sofa from Retro Europe 999.00 Euros.

Le Corbusier don’t like what has happened with very low and dwindling demand for the LC2.

Retro Europe has undertaken a concerted campaign to alert the Industrial Vintage Designer Furniture Market buyers to the advantaged of the Le Bauhaus Collection.

The Le Bauhaus Collection from the Retro Europe Own Label Brand has really shifted positive opinion with discerning buyers.

Now conversations are all about the Affordable Prices of the Le Bauhaus.

The discussions about the Affordable prices of the Le Bauhaus has now been extended to direct quality construction methods comparisons to the Le Corbusier LC2.

Le Corbusier LC2 is really under the microscope, the 100-year-old design of the Le Corbusier LC2 does stand up to the modern quality construction of the Le Bauhaus.

Le Bauhaus is constructed of a Solid Wood Frame and is bigger than the LC2.

The solid wood frame of the Le Bauhaus is constructed in the traditional Furniture Makers Method for quality furniture.

The Le Bauhaus Solid Wood frame and a Sprung Deck ensure a lifetime of use, providing great comfort, and the correct support.

Le Corbusier LC2 is constructed on a steel frame with elasticated straps with loose cushions and is SO small.

The metal frame of the very small Le Corbusier LC2 with elasticated straps provides a little comfort and zero to low support for the 21st Century User.

The loose cushions tend to disappear between the elasticated straps after continual use.

Retro Europe’s campaign appears to have borne fruit.

Judging by sales figures from Retro Europe for the Le Bauhaus Collection discerning buyers of modernist furniture are voting with their wallets and purses.

Retro Europe promised again that they would continue to bring reinvented designer furniture with affordable prices and Retro Europe have launched another model in the Le Bauhaus Collection. – The Corner Sofa.

The Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa is launched at 2299 Euros.

One of the greatest priorities for Retro Europe is to reduce the price of high-quality modern designer furniture.

Across Europe modern designer furniture from Retro Europe costs far less than the original Le Corbusier Modernist Furniture.

Retro Europe has directed their in-house design team to make fixing the injustice of high furniture prices their top priority.

Prices have come down.

But experts say that Retro Europe has not sacrificed affordable pricing for high-quality, and this has given Retro Europe the upper hand in the modern designer furniture market.

Retro Europe design and manufacture high-quality furniture at affordable prices.

The future is bright for Retro Europe with their full range of high-quality contemporary, modernist, vintage, and industrial styled furniture at a fraction of their competitor’s prices.

Sadly, for Le Corbusier, the future is not so bright, and forecasters are suggesting ”The History of Le Corbusier” is coming to a very untimely end.

From Contemporary Modernism styles to Industrial Vintage styles, and out of the box whacky Art- Deco styles, modern designer furniture has something special for someone special like you.

Affordable prices at www.retroeurope.com.

Retro Europe is Europe’s leading online designer modern furniture store, and it is a great place to buy high-quality modern designer furniture at purse-friendly affordable prices at www.retroeurope.com.

Manufactured to the highest professional standards.

Modern designer furniture is a great way to add colour and style to your home. Each style of modern furniture from Retro Europe is meticulously designed by the in-house design team at Retro Europe and manufactured to the highest professional standards.

Award-winning Retro Europe modern designer furniture collections.

There’s something for everyone from the award-winning Retro Europe modern designer furniture collections whether you’re looking to furnish your home or commercial property. Every piece of furniture is carefully delivered with their famous 7-day delivery service making Retro Europe the perfect choice every time for modern designer furnishings.

Delivered throughout Europe in 7 days.

Retro Europe has a growing collection of designer furniture with sofa collections, dining room furniture, and ergonomic office chairs, all sold and delivered throughout Europe in 7 days.

Retro Europe was founded in 1975, and are approaching their 50th Anniversary in business.

Retro Europe was founded in 1975, and are approaching their 50th Anniversary in business, their simple business philosophy and the key to their success in the furniture industry is having great products and great service that keep clients buying on a regular basis.


Popular Brands selling modern designer retro furniture that offers modernist, vintage, contemporary, and minimalism designer furniture are more successful in the 21st Century than at any time in the History of Modern Designer Furniture.

Modern Designer Furniture became very popular in the early 2000s and is seen in the homes of famous celebrities.

But, for a fraction of the price.

Discerning buyers with an eye for value for money are buying affordable Modern Designer Eiffel Chairs and Eiffel Armchairs from Retro Europe. The Eiffel modern designer chairs and armchairs from Retro Europe are neat, tidy and fashionably sophisticated, and very much in the style of the Charles Eames DSW Chair, but for a fraction of the price.

You could be forgiven for thinking these chairs are only for the very wealthy. With modern technology, production costs are low for this very durable designer chair. With all the benefits of minimal overhead costs, online seller Retro Europe can retail this beautiful modernist designer chair from 38 Euros.

Retro Europe designs High Quality and Affordable designer Furniture.

Raging Price War.

A price war is raging between online sellers, bricks and mortar High Street SuperStores, and the Licensed Holders of the original modern designer furniture.

However, online Stores such as retroeurope.com reign supreme with lower-priced great designer quality modern designer retro furniture.

History of Le Corbusier.

The notoriously classic modernist LC2 designer sofa from Le Corbusier has flattered to deceive the market for many years. However, never in the History of Le Corbusier has the Le Corbusier Brand been in so much trouble and losing their market share.


Le Bauhaus Collection from Retro Europe.

Enter from the wing, the Le Bauhaus Collection from Retro Europe.

Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is more appealing than the LC2 from Le Corbusier and outshines the ‘old design’ model from Le Corbusier on Price, Quality, Comfort, Size, and Durability.

New King of modernist designer sofas; The Le Bauhaus Sofa from Retro Europe.

In previous years the LC2 from Le Corbusier featured heavily in chic desirable properties, today we see the new King of modernist designer sofas the Le Bauhaus Sofa from Retro Europe featuring in leading publications, Television, Homes and Companies from around the world.

Bigger and more comfortable.

Le Bauhaus is bigger and more comfortable than the LC2 from Le Corbusier. And the Le Bauhaus is constructed on a solid hardwood frame with a sprung deck in the style of the traditional furniture craftsman. The Le Corbusier is just a steel frame with elasticated straps.

Le Bauhaus is a full sized sofa built to last with great support and comfort. The LC2 from Le Corbusier is now recognised as an old decrepit designer sofa, very small, very uncomfortable with zero to low effect body support.

Le Corbusier is ten times the price of Le Bauhaus.

The average price of an LC2 3- place sofa from Le Corbusier is 10,000.00 euros [ten thousand euros].

The price of the bigger more comfortable 3- place sofa Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe, is very realistically priced at 999.00 euros [ one thousand euros].

Retro Europe has a developed a truly masterful modern designer furniture collection.

By reworking the classic design from Le Corbusier, Retro Europe have a developed a truly masterful modern designer furniture collection. And we will always celebrate the History of Le Corbusier and this great designer, who has a unique place in Modern Designer Furniture History.

However, in time millions of chairs and sofas from the Le Bauhaus Collection from Retro Europe will be sold, and in history, this great furniture collection will be acknowledged.


Amazing but true. We spend an average of 17 years sitting on a sofa during our lifetime.

That fact alone should make all us to start thinking about our sofa, and it highlights the importance to ensure we all have a high-quality comfortable sofa with good support.

What size of Sofa should you buy?

A sofa that is big enough to be practical and functional, well built to last, and stylish, so we feel good and inspired every time we look at it.

A sofa that will stand the test of time.

Massive sofas are great if you have space, but they do not look so great in a small room, so the size of your sofa is important. And do not forget the other furniture in the room, because everything needs to fit together in style and size proportionally.

What type of Sofa should you buy?

Also, consider the type of use your sofa will be used for.

Are you a bed user? Laying fully stretched out all the time, or a sit up straight user, and of course how many of will be using the sofas at any one time, so do you need a 2, 3 or 4 seat sofa, or even a corner sofa?

What is the best Sofa? Should you buy a Leather or Fabric Sofa?

Try the Le Bauhaus Corner sofa in black leather, white leather, or silver-grey fabric if you need space for all the family for an affordable 2299.00 euros [www.retroeurope.com].

Remember, your new sofa is the focal point in your living room and you will be using the sofa for many years so take your time before buying.

If you have children and pets then a sensible choice is a genuine real leather sofa, super practical and easy to keep clean.

What is the best type of construction for a sofa?

And think about the construction because this sofa is going to work hard every day during in its lifetime of use.

A top tip when buying a sofa is to think about 5 years down the road, and ask yourself will you still like the design and will it still be as good as new, and not falling apart.

A sofa that will stand the test of time must be constructed with a hardwood frame and sprung deck for long-term comfort and support.

What is the best choice for an average family?

An average family needs a minimum of a 3 – seater sofa in a quality leather, and if you have some appreciation of elegance and style then consider the Le Bauhaus 3- seat Sofa [www.retroeurope.com]

Le Bauhaus 3 Seater Sofa - White Premium Leather

Contemporary modernist design with an industrial appeal, the Le Bauhaus is a great sofa, great design, and great construction. Built on a solid wood frame and sprung deck, covered in multi-density cushioning and finished in genuine quality leather. This is a super comfy sofa that is built to last.

Where to buy the best sofas?

Style, comfort, durability and a well-designed elegant sofa at an affordable price are the most important things you need, and you need to look no further, than the Le Bauhaus.[www.retroeurope.com].

Retro Europe suppliers of modernist retro furniture sold under their banner of ‘Reinvented. Affordable. Great Designs’ have a highly regarded reputation for creating and designing their own label quality modern designer furniture, and selling online in direct competition with the old and very expensive furniture suppliers, at prices one-tenth of their competitors.

Retro Europe sells online with a 7-day delivery promise, and this form of direct online selling has an operating expenditure a fraction of the cost of a High Street Bricks and Mortar Furniture Supplier.

7 day European delivery

Significant Savings Are Passed Direct to Buyers

Very often, you will see a similar sofa or chair of the same quality, ten times the price of the Retro Europe Furniture in a shop.

Retro Europe has launched their own designer modernist Le Bauhaus Collection of armchairs, sofas, and corner sofas, taking their price comparison sales marketing campaigns to a new level.

Le Bauhaus or Le Corbusier


Certain comparisons to the Le Corbusier LC2 are drawn in the style of design albeit Retro Europe’s Le Bauhaus furniture is much bigger, more comfortable, and an amazing one-tenth of the cost of a Le Corbusier LC2.

Le Bauhaus 3 Seater Sofa - Pearl Grey

Retro Europe has a reputation for stirring up the established order of the world of modern designer furniture, and with their functional and lavish designer modernist Le Bauhaus Collection, this online creative modern furniture boutique store has a market winner.


A leading Furniture Analyst has revealed that budget online sofas do rival high-end, high-priced sofas from Big Brand Retailers.

The Analyst has inspected the latest online retro furniture sofa to hit the modern designer market; The Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe.

Retro Europe Le Bauhaus offers great value, great design, at a great low price.

The Analyst said ‘Retro Europe’s latest creation, The Le Bauhaus Collection, is the perfect choice for discerning furniture buyers, who want an affordable high-quality sofa, that is comparable to the Le Corbusier LC2 modernist styled sofa.’

Would you buy a 10,000 Euros Sofa without doing any research?

From budget modern designer furniture online stores, and inspired by the designs of Le Corbusier, there are several similar sofas available online that compare favourably to the 10,000 Euro Le Corbusier LC2.

However, the clear winner is from Retro Europe, that stands head and shoulders above Le Corbusier and all the competition.

Last year Retro Europe became the latest online retro furniture seller to rival Le Corbusier and launched their very own modernist designer Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection.

What makes Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe a winner.

The first thing that sets the Retro Europe design ahead of the Le Corbusier design, is that the Le Bauhaus Sofa from Retro Europe is very much a more sizeable comfortable sofa — Le Bauhaus is a 228 cm 3 place sofa – a real full-size comfortable sofa – Le Corbusier is a mere 180 cms- a small uncomfortable 3 place sofa, insufficient for the size of a 21st century buyer.

Secondly the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is constructed on a solid hardwood frame with a sprung deck and with a layers of multi-density cushioning, The Le Corbusier is constructed from a steel frame with elasticated straps [not the traditional furniture makers style] and with loose cushions placed on the straps, barely sufficient to support the weight of a 21st Century Man over a long period.

In terms of design appeal and the leather finish, they are indeed equal, both offering a modernist period styled steel frame encasing the sofa.

21st Century Consumers demand comfort and support and are very savvy.

Europe’s discerning retro furniture buyers are savvy shoppers demanding great design, quality, and durable furniture, at an affordable price.

Le Bauhaus Sofa - 3 Seater - Black

The analysts waded through hundreds of similarly styled furniture and determined that the Retro Europe Le Bauhaus offers great value, great design, at a great low price. And is the number one choice in the retro furniture market.

Is there still a demand for the 10,000 Euro Le Corbusier Sofa?

Retro Europe appears to be making their own significant mark for their Brand in The World of Retro Furniture Design.

Sadly, this is a defining downturn moment in the History of Le Corbusier.

The question is;

Can Le Corbusier continue to produce an old-fashioned, small sofa that is not comfortable, and with a price tag of 10,000 euros?