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Designed by the In-House Design Team at Retro Europe.

While the comfort and durability of some dining chairs often lead you to be disappointed.

Do not have any concerns because Retro Europe has designed some of the finest dining chairs in the world.

Eiffel Dining Room Chairs Collection.

Whether you prefer a dining chair or dining armchair in your dining room the Eiffel Collection is your best choice.

If you want your dining chairs to be minimalism with a plastic moulded shell, or have the Monochrome or Patchwork Cloth shells, then the Eiffel Dining Chairs from Retro Europe are your best choice.

Or. perhaps you want a mix and match of styles in your dining room, then just choose from the Retro Europe website and your individual bespoke order will be delivered within 7 days to anywhere in Europe.

At Retro Europe we are proud to give you the opportunity to create your own bespoke order of dining chairs.

The Eiffel Dining Chairs from Retro Europe are designed to be very rugged and durable for a lifetime of use, either in the modern home or in the tough commercial environment of a restaurant or commercial enterprise.

And to keep all our clients happy, check out the prices of our own label designer Eiffel Dining Chairs.

Own Designer Brands from Retro Europe at prices you will love.

Our own-brand Eiffel Dining Room Chairs are a modern contemporary design style very much in the original style of the Charles Eames DSW Chair.

However, the Charles Eames DSW Chair is not able to compete with the Eiffel Dining Chair from Retro Europe on price and durability.

Retro Europe has a Dining Room Chair that is tough to beat on price with a ”high manufacturer-quality.”

Retro Europe Eiffel Dining Chair is your guarantee of a genuinely authentic product.

Retro Europe is Europe’s leading online modern designer furniture outlet, and the leading designers of quality original designer retro furniture.

In fact, we were awarded the most innovative modern designer furniture online store by the HSC in 2017.

When you buy Retro Europe Own Labeled products you are doing more than just buying exclusive designer style furniture, you are buying high-quality, affordable, and great designer furniture.


For the first time, Retro Europe has entered the top 10 of Europe’s biggest online retro furniture stores in 2018.

Confirming its status as a mainstream retailer of their own label modern designer furniture.

Retro Europe’s rise through to the top has been progressive and aided by aggressive marketing strategies.

Ten years ago it was in the top 50 online retro furniture sellers in Europe, and today, well-honed marketing of Retro Europe’s exclusively designer furniture has been the key to their success.

Retro Europe’s success has come during a recession.

However, it’s no coincidence that Retro Europe’s success has come during a recession and a crisis economic period.

Retro Europe’s rivals spent heavy on bricks and mortar very expensive superstores and shops, and the recession was instrumental in their downfall, leaving them with overpriced furniture stock in their expensive to operate superstores.

Retro Europe understood the strength of their position as an up and coming challenging online brand.

Retro Europe concentrated on a ‘back to basics strategy’ and ‘affordability with quality’ and decided to operate solely as an online seller with very low overhead costs.

All you need is Retro Furniture designer by Retro Europe

Alicante Studios Marketing Agency.

Retro Europe appointed Alicante Studios Marketing Agency to raise their Brand awareness and aggressively market their no-frills advertising campaigns.

Retro Europe really succeeded with the ‘Like for Like” Brand Comparison Advertising.

The advertising strategy from Alicante Studios Marketing Agency emphasised that Retro Europe sells affordable, well designed, and high-quality modern designer products.

Video Advertisements for Retro Europe produced by Alicante Studios Marketing Agency.

Alicante Studios Marketing and Advertising Agency produced a number of Video Advertisements for Retro Europe with a humorous slant on people from all walks of life comparing their favourite branded products to Retro Europe’s own label furniture.

These videos were both successful and memorable.

The increase in sales and website traffic was immediate, and Retro Europe’s Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design Furniture Collections, Le Bauhaus, Eiffel, and Savoy designed and created by the in-house team of designers at Retro Europe, started to sell, and sell in huge numbers.

The advertising strategy from Alicante Studios Marketing Agency was a masterstroke of innovative, clever, and appealing marketing.

Combining humour with an inspiring and refreshing transparent honest frankness is exactly what consumers connect with.

The priorities for consumers is to be able to buy quality affordable furniture and really enjoy the buying experience, and this is where Retro Europe have been very successful.

An amazing effect in raising the awareness of our Brand.

A spokesman for Retro Europe commented that “The advertising and marketing from Alicante Studios Advertising and Marketing Agency has been an instant success, and had an amazing effect in raising the awareness of our Brand, and this has been without question the major contributor to our rise to the top 10 of retro furniture online suppliers in Europe.”


A clever message that helped to establish the Le Bauhaus Modernist Furniture Collection.

Being funny and showing a lack of respect for people or products that are generally taken seriously, in a direct blunt manner, was the theme to the Launch Advertising Strategy for the Le Bauhaus Modernist Furniture Collection of Armchairs, Sofas, and Corner Sofas from Retro Europe.

The clever marketing message created by Alicante Studios Advertising and Marketing Agency, ”Retro Europe do not understand why anyone will buy a 1000 Euros sofa for 10,000 Euros”, helped to establish the all-important advantages of buying a Le Bauhaus Sofa from Retro Europe at 999 Euros, as opposed to buying an LC2 Le Corbusier Sofa for 10,000 Euros.

The message was simple and subtle and incredibly successful for Retro Europe.

”Retro Europe do not understand why anyone will buy a 1000 Euros sofa for 10,000 Euros”.

Retro Europe’s core values are, to be honest, approachable, and transparent and this openness epitomises the shopping experience at Retro Europe.

As an online seller, Retro Europe’s message has always been; ”we do not waste money on expensive superstores, Retro Europe maintains affordable lower prices on their value for money brands by having very low overheads.’’

The main advertising theme was a great success; ”Retro Europe do not understand why anyone will buy a 1000 Euros sofa for 10,000 Euros”

Value for money retro furniture and a quality buying experience is what people want…..but first, you need to attract visitors to your website.

This economical selling approach has seen Retro Europe climb into a top 10 slot of online retro furniture sellers in Europe.

However, the biggest problem for online sellers is attracting new buyers to a website.

So Retro Europe decided to make an investment in the marketing services from Alicante Studios Advertising and Marketing Agency.

And while any form marketing is a gamble Retro Europe have found that their clients in their existing market have increased.

And a new and discerning client who previously purchased from expensive superstores is now buying online from Retro Europe.

Retro Europe is the most improved brand.

According to brand tracking data analysts, Retro Europe is the most improved brand in the European Rankings.

This is as a direct result of the Brand Building and Brand Awareness campaigns by Alicante Studios Advertising and Marketing Agency in Alicante, Spain.


Retro Europe goes from ‘greater strength to greater strength’ as the budget online modern designer retro furniture supplier reveals another modest jump in sales.

Budget online modern designer furniture supplier increased sales by 14 percent in the past 12 months.

Low-cost online designer furniture supplier had a very successful end to last year, recording an increase in sales due to the introduction of their latest ‘own label’ modernist styled-furniture collection, Le Bauhaus.

Retro Europe is the best option to buy Retro Modernist Furniture

Retro Europe’s in-house design team created the Le Bauhaus Modernist Designer Collection in direct competition to the LC2 models from Le Corbusier.

Retro Europe’s new furniture range helped boost the online designer retro furniture sales profit, seeing revenue per unit rise 6.6 percent and cost per unit falling 3.3 percent due to the increased value of the Euro.

Closures to several of Retro Europe’s competition also had an impact on the company’s position.

This was a positive result and the online retro furniture supplier indicated they will ‘continue to focus on cost’ after generating additional revenue in ‘lean savings’ in 2018 from greater automation in the administrative departments and product processing.

Retro Europe added: ‘Our aim is to launch at least one new product every year for the next 5 years, designed by our in-house team and exclusive to Retro Europe, our new products and our new customer loyalty programmes will continue to influence both new and existing clients to purchase’.

‘We have a great opportunity for a steady continual growth with our strong cost control, our strength of buying power, and a strong balance sheet. Together with an improving value of the Euro, we are very positive about 2018, our 43rd year of trading ‘.

In 2017 the online retro furniture store appointed Alicante Studios Digital Marketing Agency to create a new website and manage a number of Video Production Marketing projects, including the production of a Television Commercial.


This follows Retro Europe’s decision to give the sole responsible to one Marketing Agency for all their marketing activities. Alicante Studios have been given a considerable budget to launch the new models and drive Retro Europe towards the number one position in Europe for modern, contemporary, vintage and modernist designer furniture in Europe.

A Senior Analyst noted: ‘Retro Europe has reported a respectable set of results which has sent their net worth higher and forecast sales for 2018 are well above the pre-Brexit levels, demonstrating the online designer furniture retailer has had the resilience over the last 12 months to continue to grow at a modest and sustainable rate.’


Retro Furniture experts reveal why Retro Europe’s Bespoke Modern Designer Furniture is the most popular choice.

Experts say that increasing numbers of people are shunning ‘iconic’ one-hundred-year-old designer retro furniture from Le Corbusier.

They say the main reason behind this, is the desire for fresher modern designer furniture, that is more affordable, comfortable, and higher in quality.

Another factor is how Retro Europe Manufacture. In the Best Traditional Furniture Makers Way.

Try sitting on a 100-year-old designer LC2 Sofa from Le Corbusier.

This is an underwhelming experience.

Very uncomfortable and with an intimidating price tag of 10,000.00 Euros it really is the final chapter in the History of Le Corbusier.

But if you’re looking to buy a bespoke designer modernist sofa, in the style of the great designer Le Corbusier, for less than 1,000.00 Euros then go to www.retroeurope.com for a Le Bauhaus Sofa.

Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design by Retro Europe.

Retro Furniture experts say that affordable bespoke designer furniture from Retro Europe is leading the way.

Experts say that increasing numbers of discerning modernist designer furniture buyers are shunning the ‘iconic’ Le Corbusier Sofas in favour of the Le Bauhaus Sofas from online giant Retro Europe.

Meanwhile, the online furniture buying experience is now the best way to buy modern designer furniture.

Some people say they have loved modern designer furniture all their lives. Now, they say they can afford to buy modern designer furniture online at Retro Europe.

Retro Europe, Europe’s leading online seller with very low operating costs can offer prices up to 72% cheaper than Bricks and Mortar High Street Shops for like for like designer furniture.


Retro Europe; They have the best deals today with something that says quality, affordability, and great design.

Retro Europe told our reporter ‘Most people come online for lower prices and a convenient buying experience, and in the case of modernist designer furniture they come to Retro Europe for our unique designer style, that is great value, high quality, and with our 7 – day delivery service’.

Do you have anxiety problems or suffer from Depression? Now, you can afford to feel fantastic every day!

Could a classic modern designer sofa spice up your life?

Yes, it is a fact. A fantastic designer sofa in your living space will greatly enhance your wellbeing and give you a great outlook mentally.

Buyers go online feeling anxious and depressed, they choose a new sofa from Retro Europe, and immediately they start to feel brighter, more cheerful, and happier.

Affordable Modern designer Retro Furniture has grown in popularity over the years and it is now available from Retro Europe.

Bespoke modern designer high-quality furniture such as Le Bauhaus, Eiffel and Savoy from Retro Europe, offer you the ability to create your own trademark at home, with modernist, contemporary, and vintage styles at affordable prices.

There is a growing demand for retro furniture buyers to showcase their home and stand out from the crowd.

Retro Furniture from Retro Europe gives everyone the ideal opportunity to buy ‘Personalised Designer Furniture ‘ more luxurious, more stylish, and more individual than anything else on the furniture market.

The Retro Europe Design Foundation.

More and more people are complaining. Why can’t we recognise retro furniture in the same way we have for so many years?

It is a fact, 95% of Furniture today is manufactured in the same design style.

Retro Europe listens to their clients, and that was the reason behind The Retro Europe Design Foundation.

For the past 5 years, Retro Europe In-House Designers have been creating bespoke modern designer furniture, so discerning buyers who want a true and functional individual designer chair or sofa at an affordable price, and of the highest quality can now finally own one.

Quality, Affordable, and Great Design each and every time at Retro Europe.

If you listen to people on what is important when buying great modernist designer furniture, they will say it is Quality, Affordability, and Great Design.

All these requirements can be achieved at www.retroeurope.com, where a bespoke approach to the perfect design is waiting for you.

The Le Bauhaus Customisation Experience at Retro Europe.

During the design for a ‘Bespoke Customisation Experience’ at Retro Europe, the designers will work hand in hand with expert furniture makers to help create for you a unique design style and a high-quality manufacture.

The Le Bauhaus Modernist Collection ‘Bespoke Customisation Experience’ starts at 549.00 Euros.

Quality, Affordable, Great Design that will last a lifetime is available at www.retroeurope.com.


Worldwide, discerning buyers of high-quality designer furniture are going crazy about the modern designer retro furniture from Retro Europe.

Aficionados of the modernist furniture movement never stop talking about modern minimalist furniture.

In particular, the high-end quality affordable retro furniture from Retro Europe.

Europe’s most creative and dynamic online retro furniture store, Retro Europe, sells modernist furniture under their brand slogan Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design retro furniture to 44 European countries with a 7-day delivery promise, and faces new challenges.


For decades the designers; Le Corbusier, Eames, Rohe, and Eero Aarnio sold their modern designer furniture in contemporary, modernist, and minimalistic vintage styles, at exorbitant prices.

Prices so high and ridiculous that only the very wealthy and foolish could afford to own their designer furniture.

Retro Europe decided it was time to change The History of Modern Designer Furniture.

Retro Europe questioned the function, design, price and manufacture of the furniture and said “Why the heck are wealthy people the only people able to own great designer furniture?”

That simple question got a very fast response from Retro Europe.

Retro Europe is the most creative and dynamic online retro furniture store.


For years these famous designers tried to convince retro furniture buyers that only the great designers could create and manufacture truly iconic retro designer furniture.

But Retro Europe just didn’t believe them and something extraordinary had to be done.


Retro Europe challenged their in-house design team;

To let the whole of Europe know that Retro Europe can design and manufacture Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design modern designer retro furniture.

Equal in design, more affordable, and better quality than the furniture from Le Corbusier, Eames, Rohe, and Eero Aarnio, and up to a tenth of their exorbitant prices.



Retro Europe, challenged their biggest opponents, on design, price, and quality with their brand of Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design, new modern designer furniture.

First to arrive at their online store at www.retroeurope.com was the Le Bauhaus Modern Designer Collection.

A modernist styled Le Corbusier-esque collection of genuine high-quality armchairs, sofas, and corner sofas.

Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is an industrial minimalistic design with the sofa and chairs enclosed in a steel frame, and is the direct rival to the LC2 Le Corbusier furniture collection.

The Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is certainly more affordable, the collection starts from just 549.00 euros, and when we compare like for like with the Le Corbusier LC2 it is up to one-tenth of the cost of Le Corbusier.

Le Corbusier LC2 3-Place Sofa in leather retails around 10,000 Euros.

Le Bauhaus 3-Place Sofa in leather retails at 999.00 Euros.


Understanding the weaknesses of the 100-year-old design of the Le Corbusier LC2, was instrumental for the design team at Retro Europe to design a better furniture collection.

Full-sized proportions, more comfort, better support, and durability for a lifetime of use were the target areas to improve on.

Le Corbusier designed the LC2 in 1920, for a generation that is considerably smaller, lighter, and less discerning.

Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe was designed for the 21st Century discerning buyer, that demands full size proportioned furniture, real comfort, the correct support, and durability from modern designer retro furniture.

So, the design team at Retro Europe designed the Le Bauhaus bigger in the traditional furniture craftsman style, with a solid hardwood frame and sprung deck, unlike the very small proportioned steel frame and elasticated straps from the LC2 from Le Corbusier.

Le Bauhaus is covered with multi-density cushioning to ensure a balance of firm support and comfort, and then the whole of the furniture is covered in 100% genuine soft leather or premium grade Danish Cloth.


Retro Furniture buyers have realised that the Le Bauhaus is a high-quality product from the Retro Europe Brand.

Equal and better in design style to the great LC2 from Le Corbusier, and considerably bigger for the 21st Century user, with greater functional versatility, and more durable, at amazing prices, up to one-tenth of the price from Le Corbusier.


Sales of Le Bauhaus continue on an upward trend, winning more and more buyers away from Le Corbusier every day.

The marketing campaign launched by Alicante Studios for Retro Europe has seen month on month growth of 8.2% and the marketing campaign has created attention in the social media with thousands of posts and images in newspapers, blogs, and other social media platforms.

And most importantly, discerning buyers of high-quality modern designer retro furniture are now buying the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe.


Priced To Be The Market Leader

Retro Europe price their brand new and exclusively designed Le Bauhaus Modernist Designer Collection from 549.00 Euros

Retro Europe has designed and created a new modernist designer styled furniture collection under their own label, and marketed under the brand logo of Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design, and priced to be the market leader.

Le Bauhaus is one-tenth of the Le Corbusier.

Price, Size, Construction, Comfort, and Support.

Retro Europe has launched the Le Bauhaus in direct competition to the 100-year-old Le Bauhaus LC2 Retro Furniture Collection.

It has been announced, Le Bauhaus as part of the ‘Affordable Price Campaign’ by Retro Europe, will be marketed as the ‘Better Alternative to Le Corbusier” and proposes to attack the Le Corbusier LC2 on; Price, Size, Construction, Comfort, and Support.

Le Corbusier LC2- why so expensive?

Price, Size, Construction, Comfort, and Support.

Retro Europe rolled out the ‘Direct Comparison Crunch’ initiative with the launch of their own-brand Le Bauhaus designer sofas and armchairs.

It was not a surprise marketing move, by differentiating on price and also focusing on its construction and better proportional values and unique functional attributes, the Le Bauhaus is a clear winner over the expensive, proportionally very small, poorly constructed, and extremely uncomfortable rival, the LC2 from Le Corbusier.

”Like for Like Price Comparison”; Retro Europe is one-tenth of the Le Corbusier.

Retro Europe is proving itself as a value for money retailer with its ”like for like” marketing strategy.

Their ”like for like” campaign video produced by their marketing agency Alicante Studios features two identical families, a Mother, Father, and daughter sitting down to watch television.

The first family is seen sitting very comfortably on the Le Bauhaus 3- seat Sofa laughing together watching a famous comedy programme.

The second family is seen watching the exact same programme sitting on the Le Corbusier 3 – place sofa, but cramped up together, and looking miserable because they are not comfortable.

An advertising banner appears on screen showing the dimensions of both sofas. Clearly showing the bigger 3 seat sofa from Retro Europe to be more comfortable than the smaller 3 seat sofa from Le Corbusier.

Traditional Furniture Craftsmanship from Retro Europe.

The video produced by Alicante Studios for Retro Europe then shows each family again on the sofas. The family sitting on the Le Corbusier are slowly sinking as the cushions slip between the straps. Le Corbusier LC2 is constructed on a steel frame with elasticated straps for support.

The family sitting on the Le Bauhaus Sofa have no such problems as the Le Bauhaus is constructed using the traditional Furniture Craftsmanship methods of furniture construction. The Le Bauhaus is constructed on a solid hardwood frame with a sprung deck with layers of multi-density cushioning for comfort and great support.

Le Bauhaus Sofa 3 place -999 Euros versus Le Corbusier LC2 3-place Sofa around 10,000 Euros.

A spokesperson for Retro Europe said: “We continue to listen carefully to our customers who say they want lower affordable prices that offer exceptional value for money on modern designer, high-quality modernist retro furniture, and we will continue to keep our overheads and cost of sale expenditure low to enable us to provide high-quality designer furniture affordable to the majority of our clients. Retro Europe will continue to be even more competitive and improve our customers perceived high value for money buying experience.”

With a Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe 3 place sofa one-tenth of the price of a Le Corbusier LC2, bigger and with better proportions, constructed in the traditional way for a lifetime of use, expect Retro Europe to continue a positive trajectory on sales in the coming year.


In Scandinavian culture, Spiers is a deeply embedded cultural philosophy that impacts everything from modern designer Scandi furniture to work.

When it comes to Modern Contemporary Scandi design, this translates into a design that is both functional and beautiful, the perfect balance between the two. This also brings an inherent timelessness to the modern retro furniture designs; many of the Scandinavian designers and objects that we know well and recognise have been around for decades.

A more balanced, moderate approach to how they look is a key part in helping them establish a ”to last forever design status” instead of existing merely as trendy Scandinavian objects.





Besides some of the classic modern Scandi designs that we find in Scandinavian furniture and in beautiful everyday objects in general, Scandinavian homes are known for their pared back, yet cosy feel. They are contemporary homes that are full of light and natural materials. They certainly embody a “less is more” modern retro furniture approach, yet without tipping towards extreme minimalism design styles.

The result is modern and contemporary interior living spaces that are comforting and meant to be used, a functional home that feels lived in, and loved.




A more modern designer Spiers Scandi approach to our homes is to think of them as truly that spaces that we spend time with our friends and family. Our houses are not showrooms, they are spaces that we live and feel comfortable in, and the design and objects within them should reflect that.






Focus on modern designer Scandi furniture that brings beauty into your home, but also serves a purpose, and that you will use regularly. A gorgeous Scandi Spiers Sofa from Retro Europe not only looks perfect on the website pages at retroeurope.com but is a superbly comfortable sofa, built in the traditional Scandinavian way, of a solid hardwood frame, generously padded for comfort and support, and covered in a soft Scandi cloth. Style, comfort, and a lifetime durability, this high-quality Scandi Sofa is perfect in a modern contemporary home.

Shop the look: Spiers Scandi Armchair and Sofa






Trust your instincts here, contrast a Grey Spiers Armchair with a Blue Sofa, or vice versa for a great individual modern contemporary look.






When thinking about the concept of Scandi Spiers, it’s easy to assume that all Scandinavian homes are minimal. On the contrary, color and patterns are an important part of the Scandinavian design. Bright yellow and orange cushions on a Scandi Spiers Sofas, or a wall hanging with a bold pattern, can bring a great deal of life to a room without overwhelming it.