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Retro Europe is now selling incredible Office Chairs – and people are going crazy

Do you work for 8 hours each day in an office?

Then you will never want anything more than an Eiffel Ergonomic Office Chair.

Ergonomic Office Chairs by Retro Europe give fantastic support and look absolutely gorgeous

Just 104.00 euros per chair.

It seems the world is going crazy for the Eiffel Office Chairs from Reto Europe at the moment, and now Retro Europe has decided to offer a multi-buy discount offer, the more you buy the lower the price.

The buying frenzy is even wilder.

The best price is when you are buying 12, the offer is just 104.00 euros per chair.


So many different colours.

These ergonomic office chairs give great support and comfort and come in so many different colours. My personal favourites are Candy Red and Tiffany Blue from the Eiffel Office Chair Collection.

And it gets even better… these modern designer office chairs are available from stock and have the famous 7-day delivery service from Retro Europe.

Lady In Red from Simply Red singer Chris de Burgh.

Retro Europe posted a picture of Candy Red Eiffel Office Chairs on their Facebook page yesterday – and people got seriously excited over them.

Some fast thinking comedian has even posted a song on the internet about the Candy Red Office Chairs from Retro Europe.

To the music from Lady In Red, the words are directed to their Eiffel Office Chair In Candy Red from Retro Europe, with equal sentimental prose to the original love song from Simply Red singer Chris de Burgh, from the album Into the Light which was released in 1986 and nominated for a Brit Award for British Single.

Do you need an office chair with great support and incredible comfort?

While we can’t imagine why anyone would wax so lyrically over a modern designer ergonomic office chair to the song ”Lady In Red”, we can understand how this modern contemporary office chair can take pride of place in a Commercial Office or Home Office.

For those Home Office Workers or Commercial Office Workers who are desperate for a fully functioning ergonomic office chair, that will stay cool for 8 hours, give fantastic support, and look absolutely gorgeous, the place to go is www.retroeurope.com.


Priced To Be The Market Leader

Retro Europe price their brand new and exclusively designed Le Bauhaus Modernist Designer Collection from 549.00 Euros

Retro Europe has designed and created a new modernist designer styled furniture collection under their own label, and marketed under the brand logo of Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design, and priced to be the market leader.

Le Bauhaus is one-tenth of the Le Corbusier.

Price, Size, Construction, Comfort, and Support.

Retro Europe has launched the Le Bauhaus in direct competition to the 100-year-old Le Bauhaus LC2 Retro Furniture Collection.

It has been announced, Le Bauhaus as part of the ‘Affordable Price Campaign’ by Retro Europe, will be marketed as the ‘Better Alternative to Le Corbusier” and proposes to attack the Le Corbusier LC2 on; Price, Size, Construction, Comfort, and Support.

Le Corbusier LC2- why so expensive?

Price, Size, Construction, Comfort, and Support.

Retro Europe rolled out the ‘Direct Comparison Crunch’ initiative with the launch of their own-brand Le Bauhaus designer sofas and armchairs.

It was not a surprise marketing move, by differentiating on price and also focusing on its construction and better proportional values and unique functional attributes, the Le Bauhaus is a clear winner over the expensive, proportionally very small, poorly constructed, and extremely uncomfortable rival, the LC2 from Le Corbusier.

”Like for Like Price Comparison”; Retro Europe is one-tenth of the Le Corbusier.

Retro Europe is proving itself as a value for money retailer with its ”like for like” marketing strategy.

Their ”like for like” campaign video produced by their marketing agency Alicante Studios features two identical families, a Mother, Father, and daughter sitting down to watch television.

The first family is seen sitting very comfortably on the Le Bauhaus 3- seat Sofa laughing together watching a famous comedy programme.

The second family is seen watching the exact same programme sitting on the Le Corbusier 3 – place sofa, but cramped up together, and looking miserable because they are not comfortable.

An advertising banner appears on screen showing the dimensions of both sofas. Clearly showing the bigger 3 seat sofa from Retro Europe to be more comfortable than the smaller 3 seat sofa from Le Corbusier.

Traditional Furniture Craftsmanship from Retro Europe.

The video produced by Alicante Studios for Retro Europe then shows each family again on the sofas. The family sitting on the Le Corbusier are slowly sinking as the cushions slip between the straps. Le Corbusier LC2 is constructed on a steel frame with elasticated straps for support.

The family sitting on the Le Bauhaus Sofa have no such problems as the Le Bauhaus is constructed using the traditional Furniture Craftsmanship methods of furniture construction. The Le Bauhaus is constructed on a solid hardwood frame with a sprung deck with layers of multi-density cushioning for comfort and great support.

Le Bauhaus Sofa 3 place -999 Euros versus Le Corbusier LC2 3-place Sofa around 10,000 Euros.

A spokesperson for Retro Europe said: “We continue to listen carefully to our customers who say they want lower affordable prices that offer exceptional value for money on modern designer, high-quality modernist retro furniture, and we will continue to keep our overheads and cost of sale expenditure low to enable us to provide high-quality designer furniture affordable to the majority of our clients. Retro Europe will continue to be even more competitive and improve our customers perceived high value for money buying experience.”

With a Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe 3 place sofa one-tenth of the price of a Le Corbusier LC2, bigger and with better proportions, constructed in the traditional way for a lifetime of use, expect Retro Europe to continue a positive trajectory on sales in the coming year.


Are you fleeing the rat race, unable to justify the next huge increase from the Rail Company or finding new ways to economise and maximise your precious time?

So many more of us have discovered the best solution is to set up an office at home.

It must be more than somewhere to keep paperwork.

However, if you are limited to transforming your kitchen table into an ad-hoc workhorse by day, and then laying it for a cosy dinner by night, then do not not unless you want your worst nightmare.

No compromises ! – what you need is a permanent office zone.

One which is both comfortable and inspiring and definitely somewhere with a dash of classic style – because we all deserve a hit of eye candy when that tedious report needs finishing.

From years of experience I know a home office should be a retreat from the rest of the house. It must be more than somewhere to keep paperwork. The office needs to have peace and quiet, a professional environment to deal with the work of a professional. Yes you.

Good storage and a desk fit for purpose, and with that all important comfortable chair. Why not decorate in restful colours to promote calmness and pictures of your favourite pastimes combined with a few personal touches .

I like to think of my space as a study rather than a home office. I like my Navy Tri Pod Lamp, Eiffel Office Chair and my classic Eiffel Table. I have both a cosy and a very productive space.

Retro Office Furniture is hot today coming on the heels of the ApprenticeTV show where the Boardroom and outer office of the Lord Alan Sugar are furnished with Eames, Florence Knoll and Noguchi classic pieces. Sales of retro furniture have rocketed on line in the wake of such influential programmes.

The style is all about post-war materials – it is sexy and sassy – and will make your day a little more pleasurable.