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From Contemporary Modernism styles to Industrial Vintage styles, and out of the box whacky Art- Deco styles, modern designer furniture has something special for someone special like you.

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Modern designer furniture is a great way to add colour and style to your home. Each style of modern furniture from Retro Europe is meticulously designed by the in-house design team at Retro Europe and manufactured to the highest professional standards.

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There’s something for everyone from the award-winning Retro Europe modern designer furniture collections whether you’re looking to furnish your home or commercial property. Every piece of furniture is carefully delivered with their famous 7-day delivery service making Retro Europe the perfect choice every time for modern designer furnishings.

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Retro Europe has a growing collection of designer furniture with sofa collections, dining room furniture, and ergonomic office chairs, all sold and delivered throughout Europe in 7 days.

Retro Europe was founded in 1975, and are approaching their 50th Anniversary in business.

Retro Europe was founded in 1975, and are approaching their 50th Anniversary in business, their simple business philosophy and the key to their success in the furniture industry is having great products and great service that keep clients buying on a regular basis.


Amazing but true. We spend an average of 17 years sitting on a sofa during our lifetime.

That fact alone should make all us to start thinking about our sofa, and it highlights the importance to ensure we all have a high-quality comfortable sofa with good support.

What size of Sofa should you buy?

A sofa that is big enough to be practical and functional, well built to last, and stylish, so we feel good and inspired every time we look at it.

A sofa that will stand the test of time.

Massive sofas are great if you have space, but they do not look so great in a small room, so the size of your sofa is important. And do not forget the other furniture in the room, because everything needs to fit together in style and size proportionally.

What type of Sofa should you buy?

Also, consider the type of use your sofa will be used for.

Are you a bed user? Laying fully stretched out all the time, or a sit up straight user, and of course how many of will be using the sofas at any one time, so do you need a 2, 3 or 4 seat sofa, or even a corner sofa?

What is the best Sofa? Should you buy a Leather or Fabric Sofa?

Try the Le Bauhaus Corner sofa in black leather, white leather, or silver-grey fabric if you need space for all the family for an affordable 2299.00 euros [www.retroeurope.com].

Remember, your new sofa is the focal point in your living room and you will be using the sofa for many years so take your time before buying.

If you have children and pets then a sensible choice is a genuine real leather sofa, super practical and easy to keep clean.

What is the best type of construction for a sofa?

And think about the construction because this sofa is going to work hard every day during in its lifetime of use.

A top tip when buying a sofa is to think about 5 years down the road, and ask yourself will you still like the design and will it still be as good as new, and not falling apart.

A sofa that will stand the test of time must be constructed with a hardwood frame and sprung deck for long-term comfort and support.

What is the best choice for an average family?

An average family needs a minimum of a 3 – seater sofa in a quality leather, and if you have some appreciation of elegance and style then consider the Le Bauhaus 3- seat Sofa [www.retroeurope.com]

Le Bauhaus 3 Seater Sofa - White Premium Leather

Contemporary modernist design with an industrial appeal, the Le Bauhaus is a great sofa, great design, and great construction. Built on a solid wood frame and sprung deck, covered in multi-density cushioning and finished in genuine quality leather. This is a super comfy sofa that is built to last.

Where to buy the best sofas?

Style, comfort, durability and a well-designed elegant sofa at an affordable price are the most important things you need, and you need to look no further, than the Le Bauhaus.[www.retroeurope.com].