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Want to know what makes a living space awesome? The perfect sofa.

Designer Kiss Sofa - Lips Sofa

Whether you use it for napping, reading, smooching, entertaining, or watching TV, a sofa is critical to your personal well-being.

In preparation of getting old, decrepit and generally worn out why not have some serious sofa fun with the super sexy modern Lips Sofa from Retro Europe.

I saw this retro fun Lips Sofa online and bought it without a second thought.

It is now the centre piece of my living room and I feel 50 years younger.

Wow, a modern designer funky 4 seat sofa in the shape of Marilyn Monroe’s Red Lips in my home.

Not only is great fun, funky and sexy it is comfortable, and at my age you do need comfort and decent support.

The truth is, I would have bought the sofa anyway, comfortable or not.

Retro Europe Reviews

Müller left a 5 Star Review

Müller Retro Europe Customer Review

Hervorragender Service-sehr …

Hervorragender Service-sehr kommunikativ und hilfsbereit. Nach Zahlungseingang sofort versendet und innerhalb 1Woche war das Sofa da. Spedition hat sich per SMS gemeldet wann wir die Lieferung wünschen. Das Sofa selbst gefällt uns sehr gut und die Verarbeitung hält was Retro Europe verspricht! Alles in allem sehr gut!

Retro Europe Reviews

Martine left a 5 Star Review

Martine Retro Europe Customer Review

Goede service

Retro Europe levert goede service, er wordt een telefonisch afgestemd over de levering en ik werd een uurtje van tevoren nogmaals gebeld door de chauffeur. De tafel die ik gekocht heb is van uitstekende kwaliteit en was daarnaast heel zorgvuldig ingepakt zodat ie in perfecte staat uit de verpakking kwam. Kortom zeer tevereden.

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  1. Want to know what makes a living space awesome? The perfect sofa.
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  3. Müller left a 5 Star Review
  4. Martine left a 5 Star Review
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