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Where Is The Best Online Retro Furniture Store?


Where Is The Best Online Retro Furniture Store?

If you favour retro modern designer furniture, mid century iconic styled furniture or just great funky designer period furniture, and want the convenience of shopping online, we have the top destination for you to surf.

For exclusive modernist designer retro furniture, and a great service the number one choice is Retro Europe.

A family owned company that dates back to 1975, has great designs at affordable prices.

At you have a mixture of eclectic one-off exclusive designer retro furniture. If vintage, modernist or contemporary furnishings are on your shopping list then go to Retro Europe for your retro cravings. As the name suggests, the entire online shop is everything retro with the real sense of history behind all of its furniture.

Retro Europe specialise in the exotic and unusual, a visit to is like visiting a museum of modern designer furniture. Industrial styled sofas, modernist and Scandi styled armchairs and sofas, that stand alongside dining and occasional chairs and tables in functional mid century design styles.

Iconic Furniture Reinvented

If you are an admirer of the works of Le Corbusier, Retro Europe will ease you into the swing of things with their simple reinvented 21st interruption of the LC2 range of sofas and chairs, with their exclusively designer Le Bauhaus Sofas and Armchairs.

Le Bauhaus Sofa - 3 Seater - Black

Scandinavian Living

Or perhaps you favour the 20th Century Scandi Danish modern pieces, Retro Europe offer the fabulous Spiers Collection at great prices, so you might be able to really get your collection going with just one visit to

Spiers Sofa Blue Scandi Style

It’s only worth visiting 84 Smith Street if you have a discerning design eye, or the beauties that lie within won’t be fully appreciated. The owners specialise in locally sourcing the most original and eclectic items they can find. And even if you don’t buy any of the furniture, you’ll go home with a head full of ideas on how to decorate your home.

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Team Retro Europe Create Another New Design

Team Retro Europe Create Another New Design

Providing the modern mid century retro market with a new modern designer sofa was a very difficult task, for the young team of designers at Retro Europe.

The perceived need to impress with a design that delivered on the mandate, of great design, affordability, high quality and be a functional piece of retro furniture, added to the growing concerns among the design team.

Following several weeks of dedicated endeavour the new design was completed, along with a new name.

The Savoy Collection was born.

The Savoy Collection is an example of pure retro minimalism, akin the greatest retro minimalism designer of all time; Florence Knoll.

Savoy Sofa 3 Seater The perfect geometric style of squares.

Two sofas were designed, a 2 place and 3 place, to make up this small but beautifully designed collection.

The Savoy Sofas are constructed in the traditional ways of furniture makers. A Solid hardwood frame, dressed in multi density cushioning for maximum support, comfort and a long life, and then covered in sumptuous soft Italian leather, which is made up of individually double stitched squares of leather, to create the feature design aspect of the Savoy Sofas; The perfect geometric style of squares.

Savoy Sofa The perfect geometric style of squares.

It’s clear that Retro Europe have another winner with the Savoy Collection of Sofas. Whether you like contemporary designs, mid century styles or just great retro sofas, the Savoy Collection will please.

Retro Europe’s extensive involvement in the online business of Retro Furniture and their reputation as a determined proponent of everything Retro will ensure that the new Savoy Sofas enrich the lives of everyone for many years to come.

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Just how real are New York Apartments in our favourite TV shows?

Sex and the City TV Series

Just how real are New York Apartments in our favourite TV shows?

We take a look at “Girls” to ”Sex in the City” to “I Love Lucy”.

We separate the hovels from the dream apartments and the retro furniture they all feature.

Just think of New York housing for a moment — you probably are imagining the typical real-life version — a shoe box with barely enough room to swing a cat, with maybe a couple pieces of mid century chairs from Retro Europe — or perhaps, the apartments we see on popular TV shows that are spacious, luxurious, with bright sunshine lit rooms, and beautiful Le Bauhaus modernist sofas from Retro Europe.

Of course, there are some TV soaps that portray New York apartments accurately, but there are others that are false.

Sex and the City Apartment Moving In

How many of our favourite characters would be able to afford an apartment in New York?

Carrie Bradshaw’s spacious studio apartment in Sex and the City, in Manhattan’s West Village, is furnished with the classic vintage minimal styled Savoy Sofa from Retro Europe, and has a huge walk-in closet.

Trust me, I know, newspaper columnists with a shoe addiction, can not afford this piece of New York real estate.

“Girls,” for example has a closer grip on reality. With the Eiffel Bar Stools from Retro Europe around the breakfast bar, and the Eiffel dining chairs and Eiffel dining table maximising the limited space, this TV show is real.

Girls TV Series Cast

New York Queens is the location for the ”King of Queens”, a 3 story home is home to delivery man Doug Heffernan and his pretty wife Carrie, who enjoy the retro furniture and retro lighting from Retro Europe, centre stage is the Navy Tri Pod Floor Lamp, and upstairs in Carrie’s office is the Eiffel Ergonomic Office Chair from

Who has not dreamt of living next door to our “Friends” in the West Village with Monica Geller?

Courteney Cox as Monica Geller from Friends TV Series

Her ”iconic art deco meets attic retro furniture style” apartment is showcased with the magnificent Scandi Spiers Sofa from Retro Europe in later episodes.

Friends New York Apartment Floor Plan

So, finally, we return to the first queen of US TV Soaps, Lucille Ball, and the ”I Love Lucy Show”.

I Love Lucy Ricardo Apartment

Lucy Ricardo is the wacky wife of Cuban bandleader Ricky Ricardo. Living in a New York house, furnished in authentic modern designer retro furniture. Over the years the famous Le Corbusier LC2 sofas, and the lounge chair and stool designed by Charles Eames appeared in the sitcom.

Our News

Retro Europe Celebrate 42 years of retailing in 2017.


Retro Europe Celebrate 42 years of retailing in 2017.

Retro Europe opened its first store in 1975, and today the family owned Retro Europe Online Store has evolved into Europe’s leading supplier of retro furniture.

Retro Europe have developed an elegant range of of modern designer retro furniture, featuring the in-house Retro Europe designs of Le Bauhaus, Eiffel and Savoy, and now for 2017 the European Brand will be launching 2 new models

Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design

Under the brand, the online store has long been creating Reinvented, Affordable Great Design high quality retro furniture. It is now growing this with the inaugural furniture launch of an exciting modern designer Lounge Chair and Stool, and a range of Outdoor Furniture, created and designed by their in-house team of designers.

Designing a furniture collection in-house was the next step for

After many years of retailing the launch of Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design Retro Europe Furniture two four years ago has been an unprecedented success.

retroe-europe-website-designer-furniture wanted to create a designer range of contemporary mid century styled furniture, which they could truly trust. They saw no better way to achieve this, than installing their own design team.

The unique collaboration with the young fresh design team at was an instant success.


Working from the beginning on the initial design concepts, the team sought to stay authentic to the materials used, and the retro period for the design. Heavily influenced and inspired by Charles Eames and Le Corbusier, the design team combined artisanal craftsmanship with modern advanced processes.

In recent years, have become the number one online destination for discerning clients wanting exclusively designed modern retro furniture.

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