The perfect ''ME'' gift for my Home Office.

Retro Europe endorse the move to Home Office Working Opportunities.

Last year, 43 percent of employed Europeans said they spent at least some time working from their Home Office, according to the survey of more than 50,000 working adults.

Incredible, because that accounts for a 4% increase since 2016.

Flexible work-from-home opportunities now have become a priority in an employee’s decision to take a new job.

Office Chair from Retro Europe is the perfect present for a very special Home Office Worker

Retro Europe Promote Green and ECO Benefits.

Across Europe, employees are demanding companies to break with the long-established traditional policy of travelling to their Company's premises to perform their job, when they could satisfactorily complete their work from their Home Office and eliminate the necessity to travel.

The advantages are more than just time, cost, and travel. They encompass many Green and Eco issues also.

Get the Best Home Office Chair advice from Retro Europe.

The increase in Home Office Workers has contributed to a 200% increase in sales of Ergonomic Eiffel Home Office Chairs from Retro Europe.

Spoiling yourself with a comfortable ergonomic home office chair, that gives full support throughout your 8 hour working day, and always stays cool, will be the best decision you will ever make.

Independent analysis has proved that Office Workers are up to 150% more efficient and productive whilst sitting in an ergonomic modern designer office chair than a standard designer office chair.

Get the best Value for your Money from Retro Europe.

Prices start from just 129.00 euros for a modern designer ergonomic Eiffel Office Chair from Retro Europe for your Home Office.

This is a relatively small investment in yourself when you know you will be able to increase your overall efficiency by up to 150%.

Look cool with your Modern Designer Home Office Chair from Retro Europe.

Looks are important.

Don't we all feel better when we are looking our best and have lost a few kilogrammes?.

So why buy an ugly Office Chair?.

Home Office Chairs from Retro Europe look amazing.

The modern designer home office chairs from Retro Europe look amazing.

The Eiffel Office Chair from Retro Europe has a defined sophisticated modernist contemporary style guaranteed to give you a wonderful sensation of well-being.


Great Price, Great Design, Great Comfort and available in 7 Colours.

Savvy buyers know the best place to buy a modern designer ergonomic office chair is from

The problem is choosing the colour of your new ergonomic Eiffel Home Office Chair because there are 7 fantastic colours to choose from.

And they all look fantastic at

From the vibrant Tiffany Blue or Candy Red, on to the traditional Jett Black and Arctic White, or why not the Mocha Brown or Chocolate Brown, or perhaps the new Pebble Grey.

A Home Office Chair from Retro Europe is the perfect ''me'' present for a very special Home Office Worker.

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