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Casco Collection

About Retro Europe Casco Collection

Do your Bar Stools have to match your Dining Chairs?

Absolutely, yes, they have to match so you can achieve the perfect design style in your home exactly like the Casco Collection. If you do not choose dining chairs that compliment and match your bar stools your home will resemble a second hand flea market where every piece of furniture looks it came from a waste refuse centre or recycling centre. Choosing Casco Dining Chairs and Casco Bar Stools in the same style and design is a massive advantage, and to have the cohesiveness of one style will enhance the aesthetic value of a home or restaurant and bar. This is exactly the kind of coordination that discerning buyers have been looking for. The Casco Chairs, The Casco Armchairs and the The Casco Bar Stools all work together in perfect harmony in one design.

‘I love it, and it, and it is so comfortable’

When Retro Europe first launched the Casco Collection to an International audience the immediate response was ‘I love it, and it is so comfortable’ The Mid Century Casco Chair, Armchair and Bar Stool Ergonomic seating shells are spacious, give the correct support, and they are so cosy and feel pleasant to sit on. The ergonomic seating shells are available in a Patchwork or Monochrome fabric, or the easy to clean black or white plastic. Casco is a beautiful mid century design, the seating shells comfortably suit any person, and with the shape of the chair supporting your back perfectly you can sit on it for hours.

Sleek, impeccably detailed, Casco the ultimate Mid Century Chair, Armchair and Bar Stool with a 10 year warranty.

The one stop design of the Casco Chairs, Armchairs and Bar Stools is rapidly becoming one of the most significant furniture designs of the twenty first century. They are instantly recognisable and endearingly fresh, and the Hospitality Industry has been quick to recognise the benefits of having one perfectly matching dining chair and barstool both in terms of economy and appeal. Casco is a wonderfully crafted original design by Retro Europe with a very confident 10 year unrivalled peace of mind warranty. Whether you are a Mid Century aficionado or just a casual devotee of the Mid Century style, the allure of the versatile and durable Casco is undeniable to Modern Homeowners and Commercial Restaurants, Bars and Hotels Owners.