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Ericson Collection

About Retro Europe Ericson Collection

Are you searching for that Perfect Ericson Collection Ergonomic Office Chair.

Does the chair have the option to recline or lock into position with seat height adjustment. Is the lumbar support in the right position to ensure a healthy posture. Does the chair offer good value for your money and have a long 10 year warranty. You will also need 360 degree swivel, glide easy wheels or the option of feet.

The Ergonomic Ericson Collection Office Chairs start around 120 Euros , it looks good and is available with free delivery and a 10 year warranty from Retro Europe Online.

The Ericson Ergonomic Office Chair does not get as much attention as the IKEA models but it does deserve serious consideration. The Ericson has a 10 year warranty so rest assured this chair is built to work hard and it is around half the price of the IKEA models. The Ericson is from Retro Europe Online, and not from a massive IKEA depot, so the Ericson is cheaper. Online sellers have zero overheads, IKEA are paying millions of Euros for their huge showrooms, and these costs are reflected in the prices. The Ergonomic Ericson Office Chair is the office chair to buy with all the essential features, plus a great price and a 10 year warranty.

The Ericson Collection Ergonomic Design is firm and very comfortable for everyone, tall and small, heavy and slight.

The Ericson is the most comfortable chair on the market. Work productivity levels are impressive and Ericson is the answer to maintaining high levels of concentration. Build quality is assured to you with a 10 year manufacturers warranty and the exceptional fit and finish of the Ericson makes Ericson your preferred choice for the commercial office or home office. Ericson has a fresh clean line design, it looks modern and sophisticated and has a high end look. You will appreciate the Ergonomic Posture especially at the end of an intensive 10 hour day.

Customise your Home Office or Commercial Office with the extensive colour choice of the Ericson.

Plenty of choice with several vibrant colours, high back and medium back alternatives and the traditional Classic or Executive Ericson Model options. Ericson is rated highly among modern ergonomic designer office chairs, they are fit for purpose and constructed from quality materials for 10 or more years of full use. More comfort, better usability and overall a better experience from the smart looking Ericson. Retro Europe is the Home of truly wonderful office chairs that function as well as they look good, and Ericson also ensures you are comfortable throughout the day and stay cool.