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Hansen Collection

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About Retro Europe Hansen Collection

What does the Mid Century Hansen Collection say about you.

The Hansen Collection says you are always trendy and elegant and have the right furnishing style for your Mid Century Modern Home. It says you are an intelligent and a beautiful mid century Hansen person with a timeless unique style. The Hansen Collection says you are a charming sixties style individual with a lovely inspirational mid century Hansen creative attitude. It says you are gorgeous and you are following a growing trend.

What does the Mid Century Hansen Furniture say about your Modern Home.

Hansen Furniture says your Mid Century Modern Home has a creative vision for the nostalgic sixties look, that takes you back to a time less complicated and stress free. It says your modern home reflects an open plan concept with functional and comfortable furniture in vibrant colour accents. Hansen Furniture says your modern mid century home is the perfect example of creative design through simplicity, a style that will endear and enhance your lifestyle. It says your home has a welcoming feel and it is creating a positive well being from the delicate and graceful curves of the Hansen design.

What did the Mid Century Hansen give to the World of Modern Furniture?

The Mid Century Hansen is indicative of the style of this period that has given beauty of function and beauty of form to the world of modern furniture. Mid Century Modern Furniture gave an identity to a new lifestyle that emerged after the Second World War, a lifestyle that had new plans and new reasons for living. The Mid Century style was original, a fresh beginning, at a time of fresh beginnings, without influence or prejudice from previous furniture designs. The Mid Century Hansen gave the World of Modern Furniture armchairs and sofas that are conducive to the shape of the body, furniture that cares about comfort and the correct support, furniture that is aware of the sculptural potential in the design, and furniture that entrances a discerning consumer.

How will the Hansen Mid Century Furniture always be remembered and loved.

Mid Century Modern Hansen Furniture will be remembered for the thinking that went beyond the design, the thinking that looked at ergonomics and body sizes, and the marriage of these elements to create comfort at the highest level. Hansen is loved for the form, function and utility of the design to do the job that is required. A mid Century Hansen Chair or Armchair was created for everyday use and its timeless beauty and will be remembered for these great qualities. The Mid Century Hansen has given us a new grace, a new glamour and new accommodations expressing the mid century consumers love of beauty created for them from a freedom of design rarely ever experienced. The Mid Century Hansen Furniture is acknowledged for being the Pinnacle of Good Design.