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Le Bauhaus Collection

About Retro Europe Le Bauhaus Collection

Le Bauhaus Collection from Retro Europe is devoted to creating affordable and innovative modernistic furniture.

Quality Modernistic Furniture such as Le Bauhaus Collection that is functional and expertly designed improves the lifestyle of the millions of discerning Modernist Designer Furniture buyers. Our mission through our vision and imagination is to create modern furniture in a minimalist aesthetic. The objective of the in-house design team at Retro Europe is to formulate good design with a durable construction and to create modernistic furniture fit for purpose and for a lifetime of use. The results of these endeavors is the truly amazing Le Bauhaus Collection of Armchairs, Sofas, Corner Sofas and Stools, plus the new and incredible Le Bauhaus Alcove Sofa.

Modernist Furniture emerged in the 20th Century transforming the World of Furniture and it is as popular today in the 21st Century.

Retro Europe acknowledges the original design style and with the benefits of modern technology has improved the comfort and durability of modernist furniture. Le Bauhaus is bigger with the correct support and comfort levels as demanded by the 21st Century consumer. Retro Europe took on the mission of creating original designer modernist furniture that remains true to its historic design roots. Plus ensuring that it is perfectly functional for the bigger modern day consumer with an affordable price. Modernist Furniture has a very specific relationship with consumers. It is not disposable furniture. It is furniture that will go down the line to future generations along with all the memories created around the furniture.

Fresh, stylish, and optimistic designs to enhance a Modern Home or Business Meeting Area.

Ground breaking modernist designer furniture for an International Market that everyone can enjoy and afford. Such is the demand for the simplistic Le Bauhaus style that today in every corner of the world modernist furniture is to be found. Modern homes are benefiting and appreciating the natural beauty of Le Bauhaus, which has cemented the reputation of Retro Europe as designers and manufacturers of high quality modernist furniture. Le Bauhaus will become very collective in the future, especially with the introduction of the Le Bauhaus Alcove model. The comfortable Le Bauhaus Alcove Sofa with its high side and back panels offers a new and completely different element in home furnishing, and for the commercial world the Le Bauhaus Alcove provides privacy in an open office or meeting room environment.