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About Retro Europe Chairs

What Makes Perfect Modern Chairs

Modern Chairs are the most popular choice for Interior Design Projects, as they offer creativity with their clean and sleek lines design and their conformity to total function. Modern Chairs have surprising elements to their design, they are beautiful, innovative, timeless and well constructed for a lifetime of use. Designers of Modern Chairs are very selective in choosing the correct materials to harmoniously join all the elements of colour, design lines and a quality construction. The most common materials used in this style of Modern Chairs is solid wood, steel and plastics.

A Modern Chair stands out because of its simplistic design and dynamic strength.

Simplicity also defines the Modern Chairs from Retro Europe. The Casco is a very beautiful chair that is elegant with an ergonomic shell seat that naturally fits around the body. The chair is eye-catching, with impressive comfort levels and it maintains the correct posture for the user. The stunning curved armrests add a distinctive retro flair that adds to the decor of a Modern Home.

Never underestimate the impact a Modern Chair will make in a living space.

Modern Chairs change the decor and the ambiance in a room. What makes the Casco Modern Chair so special is its simplicity in crafting three materials together, the plastic seating shell for ergonomic comfort, the solid wooden legs for stability and a steel frame to guarantee strength and a lifetime of rigorous use. The beauty of the Casco Modern Chairs is in the construction elements behind the stunning design. An extra delight with the Casco Modern Chair is that it can make a statement as a stand alone piece anywhere in a Modern Home.

High Quality Constructed Modern Chairs are perfect in the Modern Home and Commercial Restaurants, Bars and Hospitality Centres.

Casco Modern Chairs have a straightforward uncomplicated design with a versatility that can be used in a variety of living and working spaces. A high quality, robust and durable constructed Casco Modern Dining Chair is perfect for its prime function in a modern home or in a commercial restaurant or bar. The Casco Collection has a 10 year warranty, they are durable and strong and very resistant to the rigours of a busy environment. The Casco Patchwork and Monochrome Fabric Chairs, and the Casco Plastic Chair are timeless in design and interesting for their colour coordination’s, with the unique added value of having the ability to complement perfectly in a mix and match setting.