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Office Chairs

About Retro Europe Office Chairs

Modern Ergonomic Office Chairs Solutions from Retro Europe.

In this modern world we are all aware of the serious health implications of prolonged sitting in Office Chairs. It has become a major cause of concern for all of us who spend hours each day sitting at our work desks. Sitting at our work desks causes a number of health problems to our body, especially our spine, hips and shoulders. An Ericson Ergonomic Office Chair is designed to give the correct support to the human body, correcting bad posture and increasing comfort, support and good health.

The development of Ergonomic Office Chairs is the recognised solution to these health problems.

Seat height adjustment is the most important feature to your new ergonomic office chair, the Ericson adjustment levels satisfies both the very small and very tall optimal seat height levels, which is essential to maintaining maximum concentration and work production. Seat tilt and reclining options allows for correct positioning of the pelvis allowing the correct posture to be maintained over a long period of sitting down. Using the reclining position during the day allows the backrest to take some of the weight from your upper body, reducing the pressure on your spinal disks and muscles. Backrest Lumbar support from Ergonomic Office Chairs is crucial for the lower back, and the natural ergonomic shape averts slumping and slouching in the seat and thus reduces stress on the spine and pelvis. The 360 degrees Swivel in an Ergonomic Office Chair offers greater maneuverability with zero strain and during those moments of contemplation and thought planning the use of Armrests reduces the tension in the upper body and shoulders.

Quality Construction and Made Fit for Purpose.

Quality materials are essential for a good Ergonomic Office Chair. Retro Europe Ericson Office Chairs have a 10 Year Warranty which is the average life of a high end office chair. A modern retro atheistic is also very appealing and important. When you are using an office chair all day for many years a good looking chair will influence your overall well being and ultimately your production levels and concentration. Choose a great looking and comfortable Ericson Ergonomic Office Chair, it stays cool all day, it has a long 10 year warranty, it is equipped with all the health features and is available for a sensible affordable price. Choosing Ericson is a great investment.