Luxury Leather Care Kit

A Lifetime Of Use

Luxury Leather Care Kit


Special Discount applied when ordering the Luxury Leather Care Kit with any Leather Furniture.

The Retro Europe Approved Cleaning Kit

We want to ensure that your furniture always looks good and will stay in excellent condition throughout a lifetime of use.

Furniture that is used every day requires regular care.

The cleaning and nourishing procedure is designed to help Leather maintain its original aesthetic beauty.

Included in the leather care kit

Luxury Leather Care Kit

  1. Leather Cleaner (250ml)
  2. Leather Protector (250ml)
  3. Leather Nourisher (250ml)
  4. Leather Care Wipes
  5. Cleaning Cloth
  6. Storage Box

Luxury Leather Wipes

  • Maintaining a healthy shine and suppleness.
  • Colourless and environmentally friendly.
  • Gently cleans dirt and general stains.

A Lifetime of Use

The Retro Europe Approved Cleaning Kit will meticulously clean, nourish and protect the leather to maintain its lustre.

Stop worrying. Enjoy your furniture. We have got you covered keeping your leather furniture looking like new.